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    Reading the headlines about this woman approaching people in the town reminded me. Yesterday the same woman approached me and asked If I had a mobile phone she could borrow to make an urgent call.
    I’ve seen many scams both here and abroad and can usually tell a fake request from a genuine one. I told her I didn’t have a phone, of course I do and watched her as she went around other people. Be warned she will do a Usain Bolt as soon as she gets hold of your phone.



    Is this the same woman who has previously been seen in hightown with a younger lad asking for phones and money?

    Does anyone know who she is?



    Her name’s Ceri Gale, originally from Llangollen but now living in Wrexham



    They’re a pair of smackheads. Been approached by them twice now. Girl has shown me a one-way rail ticket from Rhyl and asked for money twice. They are banned from ASDA.



    She also frequents the Cambrian. Asking people to buy her a drink until ‘a friend’ turns up with her money.

    The Leader – News from Wrexham & Flintshire – Wrexham man defied court order not to return to town centre



    Posted this on Facebook and it has had 25k views and about 60 comments so far – lots of accounts from people have come in and quite a few posted on there.

    Direct link to the FB thread:

    Obviously no indication they are all the same person, but some accounts posted up are not great to read at all.



    The really sad thing about this is how it will deter people from helping somebody genuine.


    Travis Bickle

    Once in ASDA carpark I watched “rustling” in the shrubbery between the store and Alexandra School and saw a 30ish Male set up a Wheelchair. He then sat in it and wheeled around “cap in hand” approaching people as they returned to their cars. Most likely he was pulling a wounded veteran act.


    Maureen Gray

    Can the police not operate a sting in the area, I’d do a shift, would love to smack a smackhead around the head.



    @maureen Gray 18116 wrote:

    Can the police not operate a sting in the area, I’d do a shift, would love to smack a smackhead around the head.

    My god woman you can’t do that. You have to caution them for 20 or30 offences then use taxpayers money for experts to help them before they start robbing and thieving again. Whereas you hit them and you end up with a criminal record and paying a huge fine.

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