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    Let me start by saying I fully support the principle of a scheme that enables vulnerable people to find safe refuge in Wrexham. I am surprised however when Wrexhamcom have taken what must be a verbatim press release from the Council without checking out what they were publishing.

    How can the Council state 20 business have signed up == since when have all the Libraries in the county suddenly become businesses or the Councils own Contact Centre etc– there are only 5 business and 1 charity listed.

    I would urge REAL businesses to get on board with this with the whole scheme.

    Also, does anyone know who SMS Wrexham are s it states the scheme is being run by them?


    Happy to change it to organisations if that helps – however having personally been at the initial kick off ‘reveal’ meeting a couple of years I am under the impression many more than those businesses listed are taking part eg. Eagles Meadow itself was fully backing it and although each business there will not be a specific ‘point’ they will signpost to the relevant place so was content in terms of the message.

    I think a similar system is in place in the town centre too where businesses have been made aware and will signpost (older info on http://www.wrexham.com/news/rollout-of-safe-place-scheme-to-make-town-centre-as-accessible-as-possible-for-visitors-147878.html has some details )

    RE: SMS – “We are a group of individuals who access Adult Social Care, we are called the SWS group which stands for Standards of Wrexham Services. We are very passionate about helping others and have been working hard to help make Wrexham a safer places for all vulnerable people. We have and will be working with in the community to help promote inclusion and understanding for people in and around Wrexham. Also by becoming part of this scheme it may help people who would like to visit other areas which are also part of the Safe Places Scheme feel safer doing so. The Safe Place Scheme is one way we can help. Involving everyone and helping people feel safer and more confident to access their community. Enabling them to meet people, and improve their wellbeing. Safe Places is easy to use and we will offer full support to any one socialize using the scheme and all venues that become part of it.” from https://www.safeplaces.org.uk/member-schemes/wrexham-county/

    Much credit must go to Simon Cooke for the kick off idea / pushing it from back in 2015, but it does seem a simple scheme to have taken so long to get up and running

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    This thread (I think) got a mention in a Scrutiny today – you can watch it here: https://wrexham.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/418968/start_time/2683000?force_language_code=en_GB

    The Lead Member refers to ‘negative’ feedback.

    The original release can be found on http://www.wrexham.com/news/20-businesses-join-scheme-to-offer-vulnerable-people-a-safe-place-when-visiting-wrexham-149906.html that Cllr Krista Childs refers to just before Cllr Lowe’s comments, noting she is on the committee but was unaware of the scheme.

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