“Men’s lives at risk” as Health Board refuse to fund new prostate scans that are

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    Nothing short of a disgrace and a kick in the nuts for the men of North Wales.Contact your local councillors and protest insist this changes in line with South Wales and England.


    Council Watcher

    National Health Service – one of the false statements we have in society today- It is bad enough when there is a Lottery for services depending on whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales but when you have this situation of yet again North / South divide in Wales ut is nothing short of a disgrace. Don’t we all pay taxes at the same rates so should expect the same level of services.
    Come on Lesley and Ken start fighting for the North


    Good research work taking place locally on this but sounds like local population does not benefit.

    Wrexham Maelor Specialist Contributes To “Game Changing” Prostate Cancer Study

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    They build Bentleys in Crewe, but not everyone there drives one. Hats off the the team doing sterling work locally but the issue of the North South divide is what needs to be addressed. It cannot be denied that we in the North are being offered the soiled end of the stick.

    The results from the study showed 27 per cent of men who had a negative MP-MRI did not need a biopsy at all. Crucially, 93 per cent of aggressive cancers were detected by using the MP-MRI scan to guide the biopsy, compared with just 48 per cent where only a TRUS biopsy was carried out.

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