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    Wow, what a choice we have in Wrexham on Thursday (29th) reopening of McDonald’s with its swanky new electronic ordering, promotional burger meals vs official opening of Ty Pawb. Good luck to those businesses that have invested in their stalls or eateries but I bet Mcdonald’s footfall is a lot higher than Ty Pawb will ever be.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Well, it definitely Maccy D’s for me. I know I can get a decent cup of coffee for less than £2 and a tea for 99p.



    Decent? Coffee? Macca’s?
    Whatever you’re smoking ‘aint been stashed in a bin in the town centre.



    I can tell you one thing, looking at the comments on various Facebook posts/groups McDonald’s has significantly better PR than Ty Pawb. At least McDonald’s don’t publicly try to attack their critics, but instead try and engage with them in a positive manner. I’ve seen several people being personally criticised and discredited for making even the slightest negative comment about Ty Pawb or expressing any level of concern over the whole thing, even if it has been something very subtle and non-offensive over a pre-existing issue like “Well the People’s Market Building looks a bit ugly for an Arts Hub”.

    The people attacking the detractors are people who are clearly involved in Ty Pawb, so have loads at stake in making the place a success, but completely alienating prospective local visitors by behaving fearful of any negativity and trying to discredit them is p*ss poor PR in my books. Would they rather it was like the Emperor’s New Clothes? and everyone is to scared to speak out.

    At the end of the day the way to really slap us critics down and show us up would be for them to focus and concentrate all their efforts on making the place a roaring success. They wouldn’t even need to say a thing then, we’d all just end up looking mightily foolish and be forced to admit that we were wrong.


    Council Watcher

    The significant non-attendance from Council members (note the number of uncollected badges at the opening) may reflect that there is a real division in our Council Members. There seems to have been a distancing also by our local politicians AMs and MPs. Do they know something already – Lesley Griffiths perhaps learnt a lesson having opened Sprouts Nursery and then saw it close within two years.

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