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    The Continental Street Market took advantage of the Mayors services when he held up his sausage in Hope Street.





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    The Monitor

    Let the Office of Mayor be unpaid, apart from travel expenses. It is an honorary post. Let it be travel expenses only and travel by Council organised transport.



    Captain C

    I have no idea where you find the pictures Sheefag but that one is amazing. Thank you.


    Council Watcher

    The Mayors Charity raises £10k plus — should that come off the amount it costs as a ‘credit’
    If sufficient residents wanted to they could apply for a vote to see if an elected Mayor would be better at least everyone would then have a say and share the blame.



    The Monitor you would need to write to your assembly member if you wanted the mayor to do it voluntary. They set the payscales, council cannot do anything about.


    Ioan y Ffin

    The Mayor performs one of the most important roles in the council. In an age when we are relying on the community to come together to solve its problems, the mayor publicly acknowledges all the good work that is done by people, community groups, charitable organizations, volunteers by attending events around the district. If the mayor didn’t exist, this would never happen and loads of people who are helping make the area a better place to live would go unacknowledged. Wrexham needs a non-political figurehead to represent the county and the council; the mayoralty is also a great training scheme for any councillor as they undergo a one year long course in familiarizing themselves with the whole county rather than concentrating on one patch i.e. their ward. Having met a few mayors, i have found that those that volunteer to be mayor are more motivated to serve the community than those who are quick to grab executive posts and play politics. Your typical council in Wales spends hundreda of millions a year in delivering services and yet people think they are going to solve the budget problems by focusing on a position that costs £20 – £30,000. How financially illiterate can you be!!!

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