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    Having just completed my ‘Difficult Decisions Consultation’ form online, isn’t it about time the Mayor and his department were finally scrapped?

    Its surely embarrassing of the Council to be asking questions about some of the cutbacks when the Mayor’s wage alone is close to £23,000, or 766 green bins emptied free each year!



    I am not entirely against having a Mayor. But, if WCBC are so short of funds, maybe a charge for the Mayors attendance at a function could be put in place. If this suggestion did not bring in enough to recover the costs, then next year do away with the role.



    It would be interesting to know whether most other authorities have a car and driver for their mayor.

    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    Camberwick Green does …..

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.



    Every county council in Wales must have a mayor or chair. Flintshire and Denbighshire have chairs cos they have town mayors in their counties. If you changed it in Wrexham to a council chair it would make no difference whatsoever. So if having a mayor bothers you that much then write to your assembly member rather than give the people of Wrexham false hope that the council can abolish the mayor when they cannot.



    Jimbow, as the Mayor attended the Service of Remembrance yesterday, are you saying that the British Legion should pay him for his attendance & the 1001 charitable events that he attends, that the charities should pay for his services?



    I think that if a charge was levied for the mayor to make an appearance exactly 0 events would bother to pay for it.

    The prestige of a mayor is a very dated idea – people would just get other photo/PR moment hungry public officials to turn up instead – free of charge. Councillors, MPs, AMs etc…



    The Remembrance Service and commemoration is a civic ceremony, organised by the Council for the public to observe and join the National Remembrance. The Mayor attends as First Citizen and everyone else attends at the invitation the Mayor. Before discussing whether or not we can afford a Mayor, can we see some hard figures as to the actual cost of the role, which of those costs would be saved and which would still continue as parts of the role need to be carried out by someone else.
    Is the Mayor paid £23,000 for the role of Mayor? I understood he received the usual Councillor’s allowance, plus an allowance for the role.

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    Every town’s got a Mayor right?

    I, and I’m sure many others, would pay good money to see them fight in all of their finery – this could go nationwide!

    With Wrexham’s long and worthy reputation for violence, this might be an opportunity for a good return on investment with the added bonus of some well needed PR for the town.




    Zinger–I did not mention the British Legion neither did I infer that they should pay for his attendance at Remembrance Sunday.
    The Continental Street Market took advantage of the Mayors services when he held up his sausage in Hope Street. It is the commercial side of the duties that could see a return. However, as Matt pointed out if people had to pay they would in all probability not call on his services.

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