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    Getting back to the point, I don’t have a particular problem with Mark P but for the sake of the Town’s image and visitors perception, I’m glad he’s not allowed in the Town centre but agree there are far worse who need dealing with. I too hope MP gets the help he needs but fear he’s too far gone.

    Instead of worrying about what Mark Prandle says about our town, i would be more concerned about what people like ‘miserableoldbugger’ and his/her ignorant comments say about our town.



    Apologies for trying to keep on topic . I deliberately ignored MOB’s comments as I am sure the post is designed to spark outrage whilst the author delights in the heated responses it receives. The post is idiotic, ill informed, inflammatory and not worthy of comment, except I just did. Happy now😉


    Like I said, I have never had a problem with Mark. But if the police had put the same effort catching the arsonist
    and other d@@k head’s, the town might be a better place.


    I think Dagg has nailed it to be honest, this isn’t the PR coup that NWP were hoping for.
    More old fashioned policing and less Spin Doctors please, the punters aren’t falling for it anymore.



    Why should people give him their money to go a buy drugs.He had a flat by me let every Tom, dick & Harry stay there,& not pay his rent. These people get well looked after in wxm with 3 meals a day.If they don’t accept the support on offer to them that’s their fault.



    Lots of people here offering to help him out I see…. Oh wait, it’s just a load of criticism for the police and the council who have already said they trained to help him.

    Typical – moan but do bugger all about anything, words are empty without action!


    Living at yours now is he Harry?
    Didn’t think so bucko.


    Travis Bickle

    Mark obviously is comfortable in his lifestyle and those of us familiar with him know what to expect off him ( in terms of verbal harassment ) I remember a story though concerning him begging for money for “food” upon when someone gave him a bag of chips, his reaction…throw them in a bin and scowl.



    Mark suffers from bad press,he is a junky and does not hide the fact . He needs money for his next fix,then chips don’t know what set Mark on this course in life,but I’m not the person to tell anyone elsewhere how to live. Let him come into the town centre and ask. people can always say no . Ban Heģgarty and Snell that would do more good



    There are worse people in town than Marky Prandle!!! Maybe the council and police should take note! Marky Prandle might be seen as a pest by some but I hope you have realised by now that he is also a very prominent and well-liked person in Wrexham!!!

    I knew Marky before he went off the rails and when he was in the army. He was a well dressed young man, polite and a bit of a rum lad but very popular and friendly! He always comes up to me and always says sorry in advance for asking for some money. I never give him any but if I have been shopping I will crack open a pack of biscuits or crisps and give him something to eat. He is always grateful and says thanks.

    It’s a joke that the Polish drinkers, the people doing drugs in open can get away with it but Marky is picked on! I’ve lost count how many times I smell cannabis being smoked in town – and never a policeman around to complain to either!!!

    Give the guy a break and try something else to help him, surely the psychiatric services must have some power! I believe he has schizophrenia so mental health act could apply?

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