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    I’ve just read through the 300+ comments thread on Wrexham Town Matters and it very much looks like both local town traders new and old feel completely alienated and despondent about the entire project. You hear about all of the decent little businesses who were turfed out of the People’s Market in Christmas period 2016 and then were unable to afford to move back in because of the new high costs.

    I was reading a BBC article back from around the time that stated the original plan was to do the refurbishments around existing traders.

    So it just goes to show they have completely shafted the original trading community who had loyal customers going there year in year out who would have continued to support Ty Pawb by frequenting their favourite traders stalls. Council ignorantly trying to upscale the type of traders who were in there only for it to massively backfire.

    You now look and the traders are who were left out and ones who are sympathetic and support them from the Butchers market etc… have absolutely nothing good to say about Ty Pawb. So what does that tell you about the whole project? If even fellow local business individuals aren’t willing to back it – how can they expect customers to have any kind of decent opinion either. Again, all the council’s treatment of individuals held to blame.

    Then the current traders themselves sound like their confidence and business optimism has been completely shot instead of comfortably promoting their wares and shooting out sales patter they are constantly on the back foot making apologies for being closed due to having to work other jobs around the trading just to be able to pay the bills at home every month or making a decision to be closed the odd weekend to go away with their children during the summer holidays. Now I’m not being funny but if a roaring trade was to be had – these people would not be needing to take up other employment or justify closing the store to go away if custom and money was flowing in.

    I even saw one current trader being sniped at because he told people to be patient and support Ty Pawb – with him being accused of ‘doing rather well for himself in there – so alright for some’. But when he laid out all his costs and staff wages he paid out – you could see despite being busy – he wasn’t making any kind of personal living out of it – just enough to keep the business ticking over. Which makes you think if things get worse even the better faring traders will struggle or will intelligently pull out. But the whole atmosphere is horrible you always associate market places and traders to be competitive with each but on very friendly terms. Morale is at an all time low.

    There’s still also a ridiculous siege mentality in place where you get insulted and viewed as not having a right to an opinion unless you visit there and spend money in there on a regular basis. Yea, that’s really going to draw in new customers.

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