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    I don’t care where health workers come from, they could come from Mars for all I care – as long as they know how to look after the welfare of the local population and save lives, they are okay in my books.

    Surely a TV programme about nurses emigrating to Australia is just showing a small fraction of a percentage of British trained nurses leaving the country to work elsewhere. There are hardly planeloads (especially now) leaving everyday for some all year beach BBQ & tongue wagging with Harold and Madge Bishop.

    Reality TV shows very rarely reflect the reality of the vast majority of things or people it is meant to portray – rather a lens on the glamorous and extraordinary that others aspire to.

    The bulk of nurses who train locally probably cannot wait to get stuck in at a local hospital as it is close to friends and family who they would most likely then do proud working for the NHS.



    Why exactly does the NHS have a recruitment problem?
    A quick search suggests 30,000 people every year are denied Nurse training every year.
    Cheaper to import qualified Nurses?

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