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    The threads on clearly show that lots of peole are really getting very annoyed at the lack of democracy that now exists in Wrexham. It is time that all the readers started to challenge their Council Member and if you are not satisfied then get ready to support someone else at the next election. The current arrangement and personality politics in Wrexham is not good for any of us. The Council says that:

    Our Values
    It is important for us to recognise what is driving how we deliver our services and how we behave as an organisation.
    Trust ; Respect ;Innovation ; Flexibility; Integrity; Commitment

    How far from the truth these very few words seem to be.

    If we all start sending letters to our Councillors to explain how they fulfil their role when the level of Trust and Respect is now probably at its lowest level ever. I am suggesting everyone is encouraged to send letters as many of us have probably got a Council Member who could well be the Wrexham version of Houdini as many of them are so invisible not even holding any surgeries.

    Lets start being proactive- write , turn up to meetings, ask questions at the Executive meetings- we cannot complain if we don’t do something.

    Would be good to see any responses you get or report your Councillor on this site if they don’t respond within 14 days — Name and shame. In the real world if someone does not do their job what happens they get SACKED!!

    Contact list below for YOUR Councilor below..



    Peter has a good idea – for those of you who do not know what your Council Member looks like — here is a link to their photo– spot them in the street. In some areas it appears they are as rare as a dodo!!
    Happy hunting…


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