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    God Carol you are such a political animal! Never mind just standing against a councillor, why not kick em in the shin! And make your mind up, are the Executive Board members floating around or standing? And finally think Liz had lost hers well before the beginning of this thread!



    Councillors are meeting next week to review their financial outrun for 2015/16 which is showing nearly £4 million underspend against their budget. How can the Leader of the Council make statements about financial difficulties when they end up with such a large surplus. New Councillors needed with business understanding to ask all necessary question of the officers.



    Another example of why there needs to be a change in ALL our Councillors is that the current batch are not even doing the training that they are supposed to–

    The following is from Ciuncil report this week
    4.6 At the Annual Council meeting it was resolved that all Members undertake the
    Authority’s E-Learning core modules: Equality in the Workplace, Equality Act 2010 and
    Equality Impact Assessments. No Members have done so to date and only one
    Member accessed one of the modules during the previous year. This is one of the
    core training topics and as such it is a requirement that all Members undertake this




    As above only 15 members accessed training modules

    Members e-Learning – Modules Accessed April 2015 – June 2016
    15 members have access eLearning modules to date subjects have included:
     Learning Styles
     Introduction to e-Learning
     Project Management
     Personal Resilience
     Effective Emails
     Minute Taking
     Charing Meetings
     Introduction to Meditation
     Neuro Linguistic Programme
     Change Management
     Bribery Act
     Welsh
     Writing for the Web
     Equality Impact Assessments
     Getting Started with Social Media

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