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    A predictable ploy by the Labour party not to select any sitting MP that has consistently voted against the will of the electorate in Strong Labour ‘leave’ seats, many of whom are regarded as Traitors. Their legacy will be remembered. In seats where these Labour MP’s wouldn’t have had a “bat in hells chance” of re-election. Labour will install a fresh face, not tainted by voting against the will of the people in the hope that traditional Labour voters will forget. WE WILL NOT.



    Have a bit of class – even the Tories have given him a decent send off of well wishing. Your bitterness just shows through massively.

    What have you achieved in your life in comparison – certainly not 18 years of public service to Wrexham and elected in by the people 5 times!

    I might not have agreed with everything he stood for and certainly clashed with him a few times – but he’s left behind a solid legacy and he’ll be a tough MP to follow – regardless of the colour of the rosette.

    He’s realised now was the right time to stand down and he’s done so magnanimously.

    Well done Ian, well played sir!



    You’re mixing up a Conservative opinion poll with General Elections.

    Ian Lucas represents the many people who voted to remain in the EU, not just those who voted to leave. He also represents those who are not obsessed with boarding a brexit kamikaze flight.



    The opening post on this thread is one of, if not the most disgusting, disrespectful and bigoted I have had the misfortune to read. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    It shows neither intelligence nor thought but pure unadulterated bile.
    A fine example of where moderators would be justified in stepping in.


    He finally ‘smelt the coffee’ and realised that after the Wrexham, Euro Brexit Party vote and his continued failure to represent the vast proportion of his electorate, he wouldn’t have had stood a chance in the forthcoming general election. He has taken the COWARDS way out and has not been prepared to put his consistent statements that ‘I know better than the electorate’ to the test. He leaves with NO legacy and NO valour he will be remembered for what he has done i.e. Defied those who had faith in him with his Brexit manifesto pledge. 15 years service for a 4 day £78,000 p/a salary – most would have ‘suffered’ this particularly when you have no responsibility to the electorate for your actions.


    Rex Ham

    votethecoucillorsout, your original and subsequent post show have a very selective grasp on reality but a very real ability to distort matters. Ian Lucas has represented his constituents on many and varied matters. Brexit is one in which he differs from the electorate as they expressed themselves in the 2016 referendum. But, in light of the subsequent facts which have emerged, perhaps he represents the views of more people than your own personal view.

    So, wind yer neck in!



    I as a long life Labour supporter am with votethecoucillorsout, Ian Lucas would have lost the long standing Labour seat for Wrexham had he stood, now at least Labour may put up a candidate that can retain the seat, that’s my opinion .

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    The issue about Ian Lucas knowing more than the electorate that voted to get out of Europe is probably correct- look back at the referendum and now look where we are – how many of those original promises have now fallen by the wayside, how close is the current Brexit deal to what people voted on or how many of the issues that have come forward the electorate were never told about.
    Locally he has often been a thorn in the side of the Local Council bring them to account on numerous occasions- there will certainly be some people in the Council Chamber who will be jumping for joy- I hope this is short-lived as any new candidate has to follow in Ian’s shoes.

    So, Ian goes – who will be the replacement candidate- Can anyone name anyone from the Labour Party in Wrexham who is a figurehead, spoken out on both local and national issues, is known across the area. Will someone be parachuted in from outside the area- will the electorate accept an outsider to represent Wrexham – I would hope not.



    I wish him well, a friend of mine certainly does not regret getting out of the job.

    Never a fan of his, I thought he was fighting the wrong fights too often: always the red rosette ones, rather than Wrexham ones.
    However Ian Lucas has always been visable around Wrexham, and I have met him on more than a couple of occasions: more than could be said of his precursor.

    Anyone who thinks that an MP is a four day job has never met one, or seen the shite they put up with.

    The first post demonstrates a true disconnect from reality; however it appears to be the norm amongst a large and stupid part of Wrexham`s population. I really cant fault Mr Lucas, an educated, intelligent individual of some accomplishment, for wanting to wash his hands of a day job of pandering to an ever deepening pool of morons.



    I’m sorry to see Mr Lucas go. He has always been supportive of the town & the Singing Streets venture was a first class idea for whoever thought it up. He & his wife have supported many local ventures. Politics apart, I have found him to be a thoroughly decent individual. I wish him well in whatever path he now chooses to follow.

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