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    Looking forward to looking at Wrexham.com and NOT saying a driving incident, car on its roof, crashes, fatalities.Driving standards in general are poor, but my god there are some idiots driving around this town.for me , a major factor is the lack of police presence.This , along with many other issues cannot be policed from 1500 ft in a helicopter, only the aftermath of these incidents can be monitored / reported.



    I could probably rant for about a week about the awful driving habits encountered on Wrexham roads.

    2 things wound me up on the roads past few days:

    1) A complete berk overtook me in the 20mph Penycae zone at night, doing 40+ – came out of nowhere so didn’t even see him until he was overtaking and it was just before I was about to do a right turn. Zoomed off without a care in the world. My concern is that at night, there are still lots of pedestrians with poorly visible clothing in parts of the village where there are no footpaths. Now, I don’t expect everyone to wear hi-vis clothing at night time, as us drivers should be on the lookout all the time for hazards – likewise pedestrians can see cars coming and get fair warning at 20mph, but if some boy racer clown is going full throttle down the narrow roadways, with cars parked up on both sides, it could be so easy for them to hit someone who has stepped out into the main part of the road. Or likewise smash into another vehicle who isn’t expecting the Wales GB Rally as they are going to the shops. To be fair, I ranted about it on Twitter and the local PCSO actually asked me if I had the details of the vehicle in question, but as it was dark and they were driving fast I didn’t get anything.

    2) I was on the Gresford roundabout, going up onto Chester Road towards town, was in the correct lane, following the correct lane markings (I think they are a bit faded though) to get some Big Time Charlie in an Audi beep me in anger as the lights went green because they were in the wrong lane and wanted to change into my lane and the vehicle was slightly behind my car and wasn’t indicating, plus there were other cars behind me going the same way as well. I’m not entirely sure what the driver was expecting myself and the 3 other cars to do, all because they had selected the wrong lane.

    It’s just things like these that are annoying at the time because nothing bad comes of them are usually the actions that will compound into accidents during peak times at pinch points, because people aren’t driving properly and others aren’t paying attention.

    But you are right, most people know how to ‘game’ Wrexham roads. As long as you don’t speed in the money-making speed camera hotspots, it is statistically highly unlikely you are going to get caught out for a vehicle offence on the actual roads.

    You very rarely see people actually pulled over and when you see police on the roads, it’s usually the case that they are zooming off to a crime somewhere so aren’t going to stop to pull over traffic offenders. You see these TV shows where they have local traffic enforcement officers, but I’m really not sure if there are many vehicles actually going round policing the roads in Wrexham. It’s not clear, or even how many unmarked vehicles are going round.

    Oh and one other gripe whilst we are talking about cars. Can someone tell me why on earth so many people round Wrexham put their bloody foglights on the second it gets dark? It’s actually illegal and can result in a fine if caught and risks dazzling other drivers, yet you can drive round Wrexham and several people have them on. In fact, some people are so stupid they are driving round with 1 fog light bulb gone and just 1 working.


    Going home from watching a Wrexham match, was crossing Watery road buy the level crossing,the crossing gates were starting to close when a car came speeding from town overtook a line of cars and straight through the crossing, it was never going to stop. Couldn’t believe it. Have seen incidents like that on TV but that was unbelievable.



    To be honest, it’s no worse in Wrexham than in any other big town/city. It’s a UK wide problem.

    One of the PCC’s main points in his manifesto was “There should be more emphasis on roads policing to reduce those killed or seriously injured, particularly amongst young people.” (copied and pasted from the PCC website). OK it might take time to recruit more officers but there doesn’t seem to be any improvement on the ground yet.

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