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    I think Facebook comments (especially on need to come with a disclaimer that says “Do you want to click on these comments, or would you rather save time and just smash yourself repeatedly over the head with a meat tenderiser – as the levels of stupidity you are likely to reach will be of equal value”.

    When I read the article about a proposed new update to the Maelor, I thought what a fantastic idea, brilliant, it’s about time Wrexham had a much needed update to its hospital. I hope things will go through smoothly, but the very talk of things can only be good, as I’ve been in other hospitals – even the smaller one in Oswestry which look 30+ years more modern than the Maelor. The Maelor does have a fairly decent standard, but who would say no to hundreds of millions of capital investment to bring things into the 21st century? Potential lifesaving technology, efficiency improvements and overall increase in healthcare provision for patients.

    I tell you who would say no. I foolishly clicked on the Facebook comments to this article expecting gushing praise, but no Troglodytes had somehow found a way to mash buttons together on their technology boxes to express displeasure at the idea that expenditure was being made on healthcare improvements rather than building the largest possible car park known to man for the existing Maelor. The abject failure of these individuals to realise that if they are in fact capable of walking any distance at all to make it to the hospital, which is probably 90% of hospital visitors and they are haplessly clogging up the car park by driving around, cursing and looking for malicious grassy embankments to park on, then they are part of the very problem itself. They could easily park up in the myriad of other car parks or on-road parking around town and take a 5 minute walk to get to the hospital, but no, much easier to complain. One person, who had not seen any of the plans, just like the rest of us, declared that the hundreds of millions of capital investment would equate to a pointless “lick of paint” about the Maelor (facepalm).

    The fact of the matter is people are that selfish/stupid that they’d rather see millions splurged into convenience and see mass car park expansion, so they can plonk their oversized cars into the hospital car park the once in a blue moon that the majority have to attend than on actual productive things like saving lives and improving technology and services for doctors and nurses etc… to provide vital care. All of these things provided completely free to them, an improved hospital experience – taken for granted and moaned about in the most ridiculous way. Whereas, in the US they’d be paying through the nose to get even the most basic of treatments or have expensive health insurance, or in other countries they’d be lucky to get any healthcare facilities whatsoever.


    Maureen Gray

    Spot on Matt, well put! I’m sure all the patients receiving top quality care and treatment [inc A&E] would swap it all for better and increased car parking!! Get real people!



    Any new build at the hospital should be encouraged by everyone, we are lucky to live in a town with such a resource. Many towns in England face closure of their local hospital and are having to travel miles for an A&E. Time people appreciated what we have and support the upgrade of the facilities.



    Although the fabric of the hospital can be rebuilt/redesigned the most crucial element is to ensure that the right skilled staff will be available for when it may open.
    The lead-in period to achieve the good quality Doctors and consultants is a minimum of 6/8 years- the staffing expertise and predicting what skills are to be required needs careful consideration within planning.
    Many of the current functions in a hospital designed for the next 100 years will have technology readily available (some of which is not even produced yet) but with a design, financing, building and final commissioning being anything from 10 – 15 years new jobs will be required to deal with machinery and robots using AI – Artificial Intelligence



    Whilst the potential development is great news, are the two necessarily mutually exclusive? If you’re going to spend that much money, it wouldn’t hurt to put a multi storey on there. A lot of people who go to the hospital are ill, disabled or old.



    Whilst the potential development is great news, are the two necessarily mutually exclusive? If you’re going to spend that much money, it wouldn’t hurt to put a multi storey on there. A lot of people who go to the hospital are ill, disabled or old.

    No they are definitely not mutually exclusive, I think they will have to think carefully about parking, especially enhanced disabled parking and pick up/drop off, but when big expansion plan news like this is met with scorn & derision & the overriding whinge seems to be about parking without a single iota of positive thought directed towards the potential for a revamped A&E, greater cancer treatment facilities, a badly needed update to the children’s wards, potential expansion of dialysis capacity, maternity provision then you wander what bloody planet these people are residing on.

    Surely the part of the hospital experience where you park your vehicle on a piece of tarmac & walk distance x to where you are going to get treated or visit someone is exactly the same experience as when you park up for anything else in town. Nobody complains when they have to park up & walk a bit for something they like doing and pay to do, like going shopping or to the football or cinema etc… Woe betide the NHS for failing to provide a world class expansive car park completely free of charge and rather focus their efforts on primary healthcare and the job of saving lives – completely 100% free, gratis in Wales – no matter how self inflicted things are or no matter how many times you get ill.

    A good litmus test would be if you are well enough to bitch & moan about the car park & then go slagging off the hospital & say it’s rubbish on that basis then you were well enough to stay at home rather than clog up the car park & the health service. Anyone who is genuinelly ill & in need is bloody grateful for what we have here at the Maelor & will wait their turn patiently to park up or make sensible alternative plans to make sure they get there on time. Also after having received whatever treatment they’ve had & got medication they are so grateful to be on the road to recovery that they are not ranting & raving about the queues to get out onto the real roads.

    I’m sorry but if you’re not well or if you’re accompanying or visiting someone who isn’t well the last thing on your mind is car parking. I’ve absolutely zero time for these people who take everything for granted in this country and nag/whinge that they have to wait in line for hours in A&E on the weekend for a minor gripe when the doctors, nurses and paramedics etc… have been busting their chops to save several lives in that time.

    The other thing people have been saying is that the Maelor needs more staff, but I know there’s a chronic skills shortage at the moment, especially everything going on with Brexit and international doctors and nurses being turned off coming and working here due to uncertainty about future migrant worker rules – obviously as we now know overall working towards the feeling of ‘a hostile environment’.

    I’m not sure why people have the delusion that there’s a magical tap that produces an endless stream of fully trained health professionals and specialists to fill every single role. Plus with increased competition between hospitals to attract top talent in this shortage environment – the hospitals who get more investment and have more modern facilities are cherry picking the top staff. So it is beyond me how some apparent proposals to just hire more staff at the Maelor and keep the infrastructure and facilities the same makes any sense over having a massively improved facility that draws in specialists and much needed grass roots nurses from across the country and world over. How are people not understanding this?

    If you are a hotelier of a modest 3* hotel, to expand you don’t blitz the place with more staff hoping to improve, you build the swimming pool, the luxury suites, the health centre first & hope you become a 5* rated venue then hire the better/increased staff at that point.

    I guarantee the exact same cohort moaning about such trivialities and acting like they don’t want a better hospital are the exact same people who comment on building more houses stories and say we need to build more public amenities, such as healthcare to accommodate all these new people who live in the houses first. But that’s exactly what is being planned (or at least in parallel) and I believe that the Maelor is the centrepiece of our public service infrastructure and the next logical thing to update now we have improved ambulance/fire response infrastructure as well as a brand spanking new cop shop about to open.

    Seems really that all people want is tonnes and tonnes of car parks everywhere – forget everything else, let’s just become the North East Wales parking lot. Then the idiots will get angry because they forgot where they parked their car.


    Christ matt, calm down lad, your blood pressure will be through the roof! Great rant and so true though! The car park attendant will see you now!

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