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    The consultation into revisions to the library services has started, with WCBC looking to make cuts of £300,000 over two years.
    Have we forgotten that Mandale Developments were contracted to give WCBC £300,000 in section 106 money for the conversions of the Henblas St apartments, which was slashed to £29,000 after an appeal by Mandale to the Assembly? Coincidence?



    How much money does the Council hold in its 106 agreement account ? What are the criteria for spending it ?



    Wrexham Coucil are one of the poorest performing Local Authorities in Wales for collecting and then actually using Section 106- In the year 2018 / 19 the Council should have £433,328 yet only spent £36,298 = £397,030 not yet used. There are also unused funding from previous years.
    I believe in addition there are Planning Applications that have not yet had Section 106 added to this list.
    2018/19 @ 05/03/2019
    Planning Ref. Amount Purpose Spent Committed Repaid Uncommitted
    347 7,392 Education 7,392
    347 7,392 Education 7,392
    347 7,392 Education 7,392
    347 7,392 Education 7,392
    359 165,816 Education 165,816
    359 2,400 Public transport infrastructure 2,400
    385 23,760 Education 23,760
    361 5,000 Public open space 5,000
    321 20,850 Affordable Housing 20,850
    138 8,432 Public open space 8,432
    372 19,000 Public open space 19,000
    372 38,444 Education 38,444
    372 2,500 Offsite Ecology 2,500
    41 36,298 Public open space 36,298 0
    361 8,000 Public open space 8,000
    200 7,500 POS Contribution 7,500
    327 16,660 Education contribuiton 16,660
    327 10,250 Car Parking 10,250
    329 22,200 Bus service – evening 22,200
    329 16,650 Bus Service – Sunday 16,650
    Total to date 433,328 0 36,298 0 397,030



    With the council facing “difficult decisions” in making cuts to services , surely this 106 money should be spent for the benefit of the community. How can the Council justify not spending the 106 money in light of their present financial situation.



    Increased spending, supporting the Welsh language for a minority of people that want to use it whilst reducing spending on libraries that all can, will, and do use.

    Happy with that are we?



    Has anyone considered how increased automation will encourage the drug culture in the town? The main Library is a hub of dealing. Drugs are hidden in obscure books whilst the exchange of money occurs elsewhere. That’s a fact. However, the management structure is archaic and a lot of these individuals would struggle to operate in the private sector. They’ve been cosseted by this cottage environment all their working lives. I’d much rather be served by a machine.

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