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    I appreciate some will say I am picking on the Council as the following is on their new wonderful website but this is aimed at Welsh Government as well.

    Looks like the aspiration we are giving young people is to join an apprenticeship scheme that pays a £1 an hour!! This is an unbelievably low level and no wonder we have some youngsters turning to crime to raise money or staying in bed all day..

    Learn and earn money
    Aimed at 16-18 year-olds and delivered by Wrexham Council’s itec, the programme involves sessions at itec HQ on Whitegate Industrial Estate and work placements.
    Learners complete 21 hours per week and get an allowance of £30 per week (plus financial support towards travel expenses).
    You can then progress to a Level 1 Traineeship, where you work towards qualifications in areas like retail, business and administration, customer services, ICT and childcare.
    When you get to this level, you work 30-40 hours a week and your allowance increases to £50.


    Dylan, in your position you really shouldn’t knock the council so much!

    The Council/WAG/Itec are not paying £1 an hour, the are providing training, social interaction, work-type discipline and an £-allowance. Similar to a YTS scheme all those years ago, much better than lying in bed all day, receiving nothing!



    99Dylan, your inability to understand the written word never fails to astound me. Once again, in your constant pursuit to sensationalise and denigrate anything positive, you choose to be selective in your quotes. In this instance, you conveniently choose to omit the final two paragraphs of the article.
    To balance your extremely negative summation, I will add those two paragraphs to add perspective:

    “The great thing about this is you learn …..and earn money.
    A lot of people who follow this route secure an apprenticeship or employment through their work placements”

    That puts a different perspective on it, doesn’t it?


    Got to totally agree with Daave63 and Benjamin M. We are talking about school age youngsters who may well not opt to follow a more traditional Education pattern. If there is an issue, and I trust that we don’t try and make it one, it is that other youngsters in Education between 16 and 18 may not get such rewards.

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