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    The Monitor

    “Clr Morris indicates not proceeding to deposit LDP would leave Wrexham in a ‘much weaker position’. “Lots of talk of covenants earlier on various development sites, but wants Cllrs not to try and pre-empt courts and tribunals”. What do these Latter parts of the statement mean? I know of only one site of controversy that refers to ‘covenants’ !!!!!!



    There are apparently covenants on the Llay traveller site (confirmed by council) and the land being put forward for housing by Glyndwr in New Broughton (not confirmed by council).


    I did that tweet – believe there were two mentioned, one in Gatewen over use of education and one in Llay regarding overage but usually that is in contracts? There was also reference to various deeds and agreements throughout the meeting.

    There is a bit from the legal officer on this webcast list on covenants https://wrexham.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/384730/start_time/3433000

    Cllr Morris full comments are on https://wrexham.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/384730/start_time/11677000 and at 3hrs (!) 24mins talks about covenants etc.

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    Born Acorn

    If a convenant does exist on a site, when does that get challenged and who does the challenging? During the application process? After it’s granted? Is it by a member of the public?

    Just curious.



    Covenants can be removed by application to the Lands Tribunal. There is a mechanism but no guarantee of success and there are also substantial costs involved by both sides.



    Cllr Morris is just a puppet and really doesn’t want to go against anything that is put forward.

    Bet he hasn’t read through all the objections from the public against the LDP. Most likely others will vote in the same manner.

    There are many many issues with the LDP but it will most likely be railroaded through.

    Land by the fairways and Bryn Estyn lane area along with Ruthin road area has major issues which none of them seem to have grasped!!

    Just another joke for a council to decide on..



    Will Wrexham Council make a condition of planning permission, that for the first month of homes going on sale (especially on 2 bedroom houses) that they are for owner Occupiers only not for Property developers to rent out, at least for the first month of sale.

    Virtually every 2 bedroom house that goes on sale is snapped up for Rent, not giving anyone a change to get on the property ladder.




    House builders and developers Tory donors – there’s a surprise Ms Harper.
    You would however be in a better position to comment if you did nor publish inflated figures.
    On an earlier point -Councillor Mike Morris may not be my political colour but I for one will not criticise him on his reading and knowledge of the planning system – even if I read some reports differently in my time.

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