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    Now that the events of the early hours of this morning in Wrexham town centre are becoming clearer, whilst not intending to comment on the matter directly as it is obviously under Police investigation, I wish to make the following generalised comments.

    Whilst the Licencing Justices grant liquor licences following consultation with the Police and Local Authorities to establishments that are nothing short of late night drinking dens, they must take responsibility squarely on their collective shoulders. A licenced premises who’s opening hours are from 21 or 2200hrs until 04 or 0500hrs is almost by definition, likely to attract the more unsavoury elements of our society for the sole purpose of getting inebriated. They are not the type of premises that one would go socially for a quiet drink.

    Certain premises ARE known about, yet continue to trade with virtual impunity.
    It is high time that the Justices and the Police become proactive rather than reactive to Licenced Premises that are known trouble spots. There is adequate provision in Licensing legislation to withdraw a licence.

    The situation has been allowed to develop to enormous proportions and the time bomb waiting to explode, has exploded with tragic results.

    Night clubs are a different matter entirely where members from a complete cross section of society are drawn together into a social environment with the main purposes of enjoying themselves and dancing in a controlled manner. And long may they continue.

    One only has to walk around Wrexham town centre at any time of day or night and see the characters who are wont to frequent the late night drinking dens.

    There has been warning after warning of what was inevitably going to happen, we’ll now it has so act now before another horse bolts.



    I live near to a pub in one of the villages. 3-4am in the morning, with associated noise and anti social behaviour is not unusual. TBH i’m sick to death of it.


    The people voted in the PCC and the council who decided on it’s licensing policy.

    The public should look at themselves for the local policy in place, they chose the leaders.



    Licensing is now done by the Council and has been for a number of years.


    Town centre now is a virtually no go area for the decent folk of our town.
    We’ve had such an influx in the town from foreign countries that the hospitals, doctors and police can no longer cope. It can only get worse as cuts in public services take effect.



    Thank you Wrexview for pointing out who is now responsible for Licencing matters- I stand corrected.
    However, that in itself no way diminishes the responsibility of the
    Licencing Authority to ensure compliance with its’ terms and conditions when a licence has been granted and in force. Any departure from or contravention of those conditions should be dealt with appropriately.
    In the Authority’s own documentation it states, and I paraphrase, to protect the health and safety of persons affected or likely to be affected by the grant of such a licence.
    However, I am unable to locate what punitive actions are open to the Licencing Committee or indeed Officers of the Authority if no representation is made by the statutory consultees.
    It would seem that infractions are allowed to continue ad nauseum without punitive action taking place or indeed considered.
    Surely now is the time for policy to be reviewed and amended as appropriate.

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