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    Bringing things back on topic, of course the Labour budget got voted down & the dreadful austerity one passed.

    Rob had tweeted the Lab Budget votes with Plaid, Lib all supporting Labour. The 2 “independent” groupings & the Tories voting against. Then the reverse votes on the original budget.

    What I don’t understand is how 5 elected councillors couldn’t be bothered to turn up to such a crucial vote, including the Deputy Leader. It’s a complete farce.

    It was also noted that there was a lack of strong public opposition except the musical protest outside, but that’s because everyone has grown so tired & apathetic of the dire situation in hand. There is nothing to be done about the current councillor configuration for years, but the disdain & sneering & bickering is just too much for most. I read along all the live Tweets on with almost disbelief that these people are responsible for our lives with the petty personal digs they come out with & squabbles & rivalries they get involved in.

    Then I read up the full report after & you don’t even need to read between the lines about what is being said, in very plain language the ruling coalition had zero interest in the substance or effectiveness of alternatively proposed ideas. They just adopted personal attacks stating ideas were dangerous and insulted experienced councillors of many years as if they didn’t know what they were doing.

    What personal pugilists like Clr Pritchard fail to realise is that by belittling council members standing up for the welfare of their local communities, by finding ways to protect child welfare and looking at ways to maximise funding for local public transport for at risk rural areas that are in real danger of being cut off, that he is actually belittling hundreds of local voters who voted for that councillor & also anyone within their wards.

    These type of councillors are on our side & I am finding it very hard to believe that any of the Independents who claim to be responsible for the best interests of their constituents remembered that today as they all swung a collective axe on public services across the county along with the austerity & poverty craving Tory party.

    I am officially declaring the notion of Independent councillors in Wrexham dead today (with the exception of the sadly sidelined non-aligned). If it wasn’t already obvious leading up to this point, this menacing alignment of independents and Tories is bad for this town – there is not one single good thing about it.

    How much longer will people put up with a broken town centre, broken roads, broken schools, a broken public transport infrastructure, broken people slumping like zombies? Corporate Crooks extorting money from people dropping cigarette butts in the town centre whilst the rest of Wrexham remains filthy with dog faeces everywhere & the highways just strewn with litter. How is that system dealing with the littering & cleanliness & hygiene of the area in any way, shape or form?

    Masquerades put out over fancy arts centres & distractions about parking spaces all designed to divert everyone’s attention (myself included) away from more serious & very real issues afoot.

    Yes, welcome to Wrexham everyone – unsatisfactory and in need of improvement. We need to be put into special measures.


    Council Watcher

    Matt, I think you have done a good assessment of the situation — the really sad fact is that we are actually no different to the situation before the last May election when so many people voted to accept the same.

    What the electorate did not vote for through was for an Independent Councillor who would then be part of either the Bithel or Pritchard Independent Group. All the Undpendts that were standing knew they would be part of a Group (apart from the unaligned) and they should have declared from the outset which camp they were going to join.

    All of those elected as Independents should hang their head in shame for allowing themselves to become puppets. Perhaps we should not forget that some of them joined a particular camp because they were offered a chairing role on a Scrutiny (extra payment)



    I think it worth mentioning that the one unaligned Independent Councillor in attendance Mike Davies voted for the amendment. At least he voted what he believed to be right. A pity all the other Independents had to follow a Party Line. As Council Watcher has alluded to people voted for a Independent not a Group Package.

    How many Independents previously elected as a Labour candidate who jumped allegiance, have now become puppets?



    It came across to me watching the webcast of the meeting that Cllr. Pritchard and his group are hell bent on ruining this town.

    He is obsessed on keeping Council Tax as low as possible, whilst seems keen to cut as many services as possible.

    Councillor Alun Jenkins who abstained from voting,in my opinion came up with the only acceptable answer to the present situation. His option to increase Council Tax to a level to keep the very few services that we have left made sense.



    Actually p*ssing myself laughing at the fact that the local Tory Chairman Don Sturgeon has the gall to criticise Plaid for not turning in their own alternative budget and choosing to support Labour’s alternative budget, which makes sense as in Wrexham there is a progressive and cooperative understanding between left-aligned parties. Yet the Tories also failed to turn in their own budget and rode on the coat-tails of the Independent budget because it was that austerity packed it did a better job of being full-on Tory than the local Tories would have been able to muster themselves.

    Anyone ever wonder why a local Tory Chairman needs to take petty pot shots to get a local press mention? It’s because ONE HUNDRED YEARS no Tory MP Wrexham. Who needs a chair of something that doesn’t ever officially exist. “Who are ya?”

    Triumphant Conservatives blast local Plaid Group ‘all talk and no budget’


    The Speaking Truth

    I’m confused, seen this being quoted as a Tory budget but now Independents?

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