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    Labours alternative proposals state:-

    Reduction to Executive Board Membership/Savings – This is part of what they have proposed…..

    It is proposed to reduce the Executive Board membership from ten members to eight and redistribute the lead member roles and responsibilities accordingly. The current Executive Board members have been in place for nine months with some lead members yet to present a single report to the board. The Labour Group believes an Executive Board of eight members will be more effective – and at a smaller cost to the taxpayer.

    I have an alternative proposal, reduce the executive board to one ‘stuffed monkey’ this has even more advantages than labours proposal ….

    It will save £320,000
    The stuffed monkey will not require any wages.
    The stuffed monkey cannot consistently make bad decisions.
    The stuffed monkey cannot squander the council tax payers money on failing projects (Ty Pawb).
    You will get more sense and democracy out of the stuffed monkey.
    The stuffed monkey can be displayed at Ty Pawb – filling in some of the empty space.
    Both the monkey and constituents are ‘stuffed’ by this Executive board.

    Vote the Councillors Out


    Council Watcher

    The Labour Group budget is such a minuscule amount compared with the whole budget- the impact on services overall for education and social care will be almost no existent. Where is the radicle thinking? Why have they not looked at cross county efficiencies that could be achieved by working with other counties? The reality is what they have proposed is about total retention of the existing workforce with no alternative ways of delivering services to achieve efficiencies and achieve more with less which is the reality.

    There is nothing in the alternative budget to even get those backbench Council Members from the Pritchard and Bitthel camps to even bother getting up out of their chair and asking a question. Cllr Pritchard must be laughing in his ivory tower that such poor proposals can be given the light of day.

    1. Why have they not gone for having a fully recognised maximum level of subsidy for TY Pawb? Potential saving £500k
    2. Scrap the Kingdom contract (yes it will cost to come out early) and then employ staff directly to do the same job? £150K plus of management fee being retained
    3. Work on a five-year plan to get out of the PFI Waste incinerator plan that is costing a fortune? £500k + saving per year after 2021
    4. Pay for house modifications and children support for children with high-end needs that are catered for with packages of over £300k a year per child? It won’t meet all parents/child’s needs but in excess of £500k can be achieved working with only 2/3 families as a pilot.
    5. There has been no Chief Executive for 3 months — has the position been missed – NO? Save £200k with on costs.
    6. As we have so many problems with children and young people combine Education and Children’s Social Care into one seamless service. Minimum saving of £100k by reducing the number of Chief Officers.
    7. Get out of building leases and move into Council owned properties? Approx £150K annual saving
    8. Pass the remainder of the community resource centres to Community Groups — Plas Pentwyn, Acton, Gwersyllt, Llay and Wrexham Memorial Hall. Annual saving £100k+
    9. Ensure that all Section 106 planning agreements are negotiated at higher levels and collected: Over £200k a year is potentially being lost at present.
    10. Looks like Labour have no appetite to scrap the FREE Councillor car parking – Oh I forgot the Labour Members get free parking!!

    Radical thinkers do radical things – sorry Labour your ideas are not radical and may as well be put back in the box!

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    I was right there with you Council Watcher until you brought in parking.
    I often say it, believe it and will repeat it here – Councillors and Top Management need free proximity parking to be effective.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    If my Councillor said ‘Good Morning’ I’d go outside and look!



    How about a deduction in salary for those Councillors not attending meetings. No apologies accepted.

    Executive Board £300.
    Scrutiny or other committee’s £100
    Full Council £200



    Jimbow, dont forget the cost of the free parking space that was not used



    Jimbow, dont forget the cost of the free parking space that was not used

    Spot on Marvinuk. Free proximity parking to be effective. I’ve heard it all now. Come to work on the bus and your classed as being not effective.



    How about a deduction in salary for those Councillors not attending meetings. No apologies accepted.

    Executive Board £300.
    Scrutiny or other committee’s £100
    Full Council £200

    I have just done a run down of Councillors who are Expected to attend meetings in their capacity as members of that committee.

    From 1st May 2017 until 17th February 2018 Councillors have not attended on 210 occasions.

    I will change my mind on the £100 and make it £200. This could bring in £42,000 .

    To use Cllr. Bithels saying don’t drop it, don’t pay. Don’t attend pay, pay.


    Liz Jackson

    Interesting no one from the Labour Group has come in the thread to defend ‘their budget’- all this is shown us that there is no effective opposition to the current Executive Group.

    The figures about non-attendance are quite staggering — what would happen in the real world of business if there was that level of absentees is that a number of the ‘Councillor employees’ would be dismissed by now.

    All the non-attendees who are drawing down their wage should hang their heads in shame as this is a disgrace.

    The Leader and Deputy should bring this forward as an urgent item- by not doing anything they are complicit in the action of the non-attendees



    I don’t think any of the current Lab councillors post on here (at least not overtly).

    Also many of the local Labour voters struggle to even connect/associate their Local Lab councillors with the party’s current wider anti-austerity & social equality goals. I’m also struggling to even identify a single spokesperson from the group who wants to champion these aims within Wrexham.

    A thoroughly lacklustre budget that they felt like they had to turn in like homework because it was expected of them.

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