Labour lost Wrexham seat after failing to adopt defensive strategy

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    … and Wrexham elected a Tory MP for the first time in history as former social worker Sarah Atherton won the seat by 2,131 votes.

    You can’t blame the Tories for that TimRegency and Matt. Its like United blaming Liverpool for winning the Premiership by winning too many games. Can you really defend Labour now?
    You can ask Harry Maguire’s lawyer for advice if you want.



    No-one is blaming the Tories, Labour did abysmally in the last election. Wimbury was one of the worst candidates they’ve ever fielded in this town and it seems like she wants to stand as a candidate for North Wales in the upcoming Welsh elections. She wasn’t local and wasn’t aligned to the socialist side of the party either so people couldn’t really connect to who she was in either camps.

    Obviously the Brexit positioning was also completely wrong as well. But Labour have been weak in this town for years, perhaps with the exception of Lucas (marmite I know).

    Threw away the council leadership because they wanted to close down Plas Madoc which caused the defections (a move I strongly opposed and got me into local politics). They’ve never recovered since.

    I’ve been without party since December, I’m always going to be anti Tory but there is not a party or leader in the UK or Wales I can really connect to.

    I don’t really know what Starmer the Llama farmer stands for and seems about as exciting as a lockdown weekend in Holywell.

    If someone started a party that was for the improvement of North Wales and protection of the NHS I’d vote for them.



    I have to agree with Matt I couldn’t have said it better myself, though I have never aligned close to any party.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Either my sobriety is affecting my thinking or not seeing people is makin me soft but Matt makes a lot of sense these days unlike some others on here.
    We were brought up to vote Labour but now it’s anyone except the Tories. Boris took on BREXIT and soft heads went along with him because they wanted BREXIT.
    SO Matt has two votes already … am sure the Spoonies would follow you if we ever meet up again. Become a councillor you got knowledge and a good head on you son.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Exactly right, Councillor. These Tories profited opportunistically from their own horrific Brexit mess.

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