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    Are you that surprised Dylan? One thing I think we can all agree this Executive board do not like debate. What other decisions have been taken that are yet to hit the headlines.

    Cllr Dana Davies has highlighted a number discrepancies notably PWC contracts. I really hope she gets back in because she was regularly challenging.



    sorry but these Independents are just clueless and they are ALL led by officers who are more interested in their own jobs.

    No manifesto’s, no ideas, just a clueless bunch.

    the contract with Kingdom was passed at the Tory-Independent run executive board on 13 December 2016 for two years ( with an option to extend to three.) It would appear the “powers that be have jumped the gun ” on this one during Purdah. I know an update went to the relevant scrutiny committee and did not get a glowing report and also that questions have been asked at the Scruitiny chairs meetings. Not for me to say but I would think this extension could be seriously challenged in the new council.
    The reasoning in the report for the enforcement regime agreed was ” to increase the positive view of the council and council services ” and ” to incentivise people to enjoy the Wrexham town area.” Can anyone say that the current enforcement ,which effectively criminalises people without given them a chance to amend any misdemeanour, is promoting a positive image of the area ? I know a number of magistrates who are appalled at how this plays out in the legal process.



    Like I said, vote independent and you vote for no manifesto to measure them on. If your an Independent and are part of a group…..have some key promises…..manifesto so that we can measure you on them.

    Plaid……they procrastinated and marched about this engine in Wrexham. What happened the Plaid representative on the authority was the one pushing the cut?? Go figure. I dispair at the politics some days.



    Kingdom seem to employ sneaky tactics too! My 16 year old son was fined when walking our dog on an unmarked field. The officer came out from behind a bush and came over and fined him saying he had walked the dog on a marked football pitch. It was neither marked nor a football pitch. Plus the fact that he knew my son was 16 he never took any parent/guardian details. I challenged it directly with WMBC and Kingdom. The fine was rescinded. Reasons :not a marked football pitch; being a youth he should only be approached by two officers and not one; they should approach from the front and not from behind; they should take parent/guardian details and contact them. Furthermore the council looked stupid because their own signs show what a marked sports pitch looks like and this field did not at the time. I would suggest everyone challenge any fines given. Look up WMBC policies for reference. Also they issue Fixed Panelty Notices not Fixed Penalty Notices!😁 They are trying to make dog owners criminals for exercising their dogs in the area it seems.

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