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    I think most people would support litter fines – just not with the majority of the fine going to corporate profits but rather put back into Wrexham’s public coffers to fund actual clean up initiatives.

    Kingdom did nothing to reduce littering or dog fouling and weren’t even tasked to deal with fly tipping or things like dangerous hazardous waste such as used drug syringes.

    With that in mind an in-house approach can tackle all of the litter and waste issues the town faces and not just some ridiculous narrow band where fines are handed out 99% to cigarette butt droppers – with no intention to deter butt droppers as that would mean a drop in revenues.

    It will take a few years to get everything up and running but as far as most are concerned during the whole Kingdom tenure things weren’t being done properly anyway.

    If people are bothered about those being fined for litter then you can’t be impressed at all by the fact that for the last number of months and until Kingdom’s contract runs down at the end of December – 0 enforcement officers are on the streets and 0 fines will be issued. I think that will end up totalling 6 months. That generally implies litter lawlessness and a categoric failure for the company to be doing what they were contracted to do.

    That is the danger of mass privatisation – these firms only understand money making – they don’t give a toss about service provision to local communities or civic duty to meet their responsibilities in important public roles.



    Our council/ residents still had to clear the rubbish but did not get the full revenue.

    Fine people by all means for intentional littering as in fly tipping or rubbish left at the side of litter bins & dog poo. The money from fines then could pay for the emptying of bins more regularly & an increase in employment.


    Kingdom have also been kicked out of a university in Liverpool. Because they were upsetting the students.

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