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    It’s quite odd how the Council Leader can come up with this comment. If you think about it……which I do……the comment can be construed as one knocking the town…..for continually knocking the town.

    Personally, I know precisely what he means, and I appreciate what he is saying. But…and I mean BUT, what he often confuses with people “knocking” the town is people constructively criticising things that are proposed or undertaken by WCBC which they don’t agree with…..and often when people are armed with the facts to support.

    To give you a good example. The same Council Leader actually criticised those people who moaned about the Theatre proposals years ago, reasoning that the proposal was eventually aborted due to negativity. I opposed that proposal….but not to be negative. It was a stupid proposal. Suggesting a 400 seat theatre when Llandudno already had a 1500 seat theatre seemed madness to me. Indeed, as the discussion about the Comicon has shown….where is that 1500 capacity theatre when you need it



    Alunh.. I could not agree more with your post.
    WCBC are asking for funding to improve the jewels in the crown of Wrexham, The Markets. The simple facts are the Butchers Market is only half full. WCBC spent £20k on two new stalls that have hardly been let in two years. Yet when I criticise this, I am told I am being negative.
    I am not against improvements in the town centre but at least let the money be spent wisely.
    I am led to believe that the entrance to the Central Arcade is being used as a toilet area during the evening. The tenants were hoping to move the entrance shutter further up the Arcade. Unfortunately, as it is a grade 2 listed building, the powers that be have turned down the request. It looks like punters will have to continue to walk the plank.



    What the illustrious Council Leader needs to understand is that no bugger is going to praise the precious paving improvements if their car has been totally knackered by the third world quality roads getting into town in the first place. Pothole after pothole.

    Some real constructive feedback – stop pissing about with aesthetics in the town – rolling the turd in glitter – as people so eloquently put it on here – AND actually focus on real infrastructure & service improvements.

    Businesses aren’t being put off town just because a couple of people have been moaning on Facebook. Likewise they wouldn’t be attracted to the town on the basis on what the footfall sticks their trotters on even if everywhere is paved in gold.

    On a more positive note – if councillors want to know about attracting people into the local area and spending vast amounts boosting the local economy. They need have looked no further than the Wrexham Lager Family Fun Day at Bangor on Dee races on Saturday.

    It was absolutely packed to the rafters with locals and coach loads of people from Liverpool, Chester and further afield. Was a great day out, people must have spent an absolute fortune & Wrexham Lager as ever a brilliant local brand ambassador for the town.

    The only way in the short term they are going to get anymore people into town on a regular basis to sing praises is by more special events with free council parking.



    Why do the council think that a new paving will bring customers and retailers to the town.
    If they did something useful with the money then maybe people would not criticize.

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