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    Simple and straight forward poll



    Currently 415 page views but only 20 votes, same old



    WCBC is certainly failing the people of Wrexham who do not live in the town centre. Instead of working with the community, looking at fund raising opportunities, listening to their concerns,feelings and wishes, they are insisting on closing PMLC and borrowing money which will cost more in interest alone than maintaining well used facilities which the community loves. Who wants this new super centre? No one. It’s a disgrace.



    I agree with what ClaireRob6 says. They let most of our heritage go to rack & ruin as well when a small repair done early would save a huge one later.
    The only reason that I haven’t clicked on ‘no’ is because until we have replacements, this is what we are left with. More people need to stand for election so that they need to fight for their places.

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