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    As mentioned the whole town centre is a no go shite hole. Druggies and piss heads everywhere shouting and intimidating shoppers and workers.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    The RSPCA can only step-in if they’re informed of a problem and, just lately, they’ve been wasting a large proportion of funds on futile prosecutions of Fox Hunters.


    Rex Ham

    janeywxm, if you are happy to name people on here, have you named the person to the police?

    Back to the original post, several years ago, a Grosvenor ward councillor showed me the extent of the problem in the old grave yard in Rhosddu. The councillor didn’t know who they were, so the police didn’t act on the information.



    The whole town has lost everything that was once good about it. It is so sad to think what was once a good friendly place to live has turned into a place that scares you to leave even your car unattended now!


    Council Watcher

    Cllr Jones and Wilson seem pleased with their nice new signs banning drinking, drugs etc in Rhosddu Park and Cemetery-
    Sorry it is not working- what about the drink related health scare yesterday lunch time that required an ambulance to take someone to hospital.
    Signs are one thing but what about action to enforce when will this happen.. we need more than photo opportunities.



    I used to live around there,it was always a bit like that .. But it has gone really bad a few yrs ago down East Ave my partner and I saw a fella pacing up and down we then saw this ‘ thing’ open his garage got something out of it it was drugs, in front of everyone,my partner said something to him … Couldn’t cared less …and yes they come from Liverpool and other cities as they haven’t the room ..
    Also that poor dog I am a dog walker for a Charity I could ask them what can be done but if the dog is taken from them they may turn violent, ☹☹



    The huge sign does nothing for the area other than to comfirm the problems in the area, does such a large sign rather than a small one have a deterrent effect, I don’t think so. A camera would be a real deterrent,there are plenty of cheap options these days.


    Some weeks ago they erected a camera which is focused on the playground in Rhosddu. That was where the junkies
    congregated. All that did was move them over the road where they now congregate in the garden of rest.I pass there most days and see them, it seems to be an area well known to dealers.

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