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    I am just reading the reports of snow hitting the north of the UK and really am not looking forward to the nightmare of driving about.

    Anyone else not keen on it? :D



    I always enjoy the novelty for the first few hours before becoming thoroughly fed up with it. First time I’ll have to drive on it too when it comes.



    I read the Daily Mail on the way to Brentford and they said there was a cold snap coming this week, snow, ice, etc… then inside the frontpage the next 5 days weather looked mild!!

    Too many conflicting reports so I’ll stand by the weather station #shameless plug :s



    I do enjoy it to be honest. Also I do some lessons in it as it’s a good experience for new drivers to have.



    @graham 251 wrote:

    I do enjoy it to be honest. Also I do some lessons in it as it’s a good experience for new drivers to have.

    Fair point – not great for first timers I bet!!



    I love the snow. Can’t wait.

    I also don’t see any problem driving on it, so long as you’re sensible it’s fine. To be honest I think if you can’t drive on snow you shouldn’t be on the road.

    The number of idiots you see trying to start off in 1st gear when it’s snowed like they would normally and just wheel-spinning. Others slam on their brakes just before reaching a car in front like they’d normally do, finding it surprising that snow is slippy and they can’t stop. Duh!

    (I’m a very tolerant person really!)



    No, not really. I do have a valid reason though and that is my missus is due mid January and I particularly don’t want to drive to A&E in the snow. So if it can hold of until February 2012 then I will be happy :)

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