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    Thanks for the clarification of my question.

    G4s , Community Support officers ……….does no one now have a local Bobby ?

    Where is the progress ?

    And finally, what ‘powers’ does this G4s response vehicle / staff have in civvy street ?


    Mike Davies

    @NJones 1869 wrote:

    Red and yellow is fire service

    They are actually orange and yellow. They do look like police vehicles at night. They are driven by “security” staff who patrol around the various industrial estates etc. They have been in Wrexham for a couple of years now.


    As far as I am aware these vehicles patrol council owned sites. I’ve seen them up at Minera lead mines and at Acton Primary school. I don’t see what the problem is with them.



    My main concern is the “fake” police badge on the car door containing the Wrexham Council logo. Perhaps G4S and Wrexham County Council should be asked why it is designed in this way? Also does North Wales Police approve of the design?



    The problem is most people to see these vehicles concluded they were Police.If I decorated my car in the same fashion, do you think NW Police would allow it?



    @Andy 1886 wrote:

    If I decorated my car in the same fashion, do you think NW Police would allow it?

    The short answer is no. However, you could probably get away with it if you were a bona fide Security company AND were registered with the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

    Just as an aside to this, any person working as a “Security Officer” or Doorman MUST clearly display their SIA licence at all times. (It looks like a credit card, has the licence number, expiry date and a photo of the licenced person, and is usually hung on a lanyard around the neck or worn in a plastic cover on the arm.) Anyone working without displaying a valid licence is committing an offence and so is the person employing them.



    “The livery was deliberately designed to resemble a security vehicle and was approved by North Wales Police.”

    More on G4S ‘Incident Response’ Cars ‘Mimicking Police’ |


    Really? Is their presence a concern to anyone? Setting aside their previous failings, G4S are a legitimate security establishment.

    I think it’s interesting how the presence (or perceived presence) of the ‘law’ can gnaw away at our conscience so effectively.

    If we’re law abiding citizens, why would their presence be of any concern? Surely it should be a comfort, if not entirely inconsequential?



    “G4S are a legitimate security establishment”

    Then they should mark their vehicles clearly as a private security vehicle and not have a fake police badge.

    Some cyclists and horse riders have been cautioned by Police Officers for wearing high visibility clothing designed to mimic a Police design. They were warned they could be committing a criminal offence.



    G4S are obviously doing a good job as far as the Council are concerned but with all the markings and signage on the vehicles I still don’t understand the reasoning behind the badge. They are not police vehicles and should not have badges which could misidentify them as such.

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