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    Seriously, one arrest?
    How many officer hours were spent achieving that one arrest?
    How did it impact on policing in other areas of the town? How many offences were committed elsewhere in your jurisdiction during your ‘Impact Day? How did the Impact Day impact on morale amongst Caia Park residents? How much positive ‘engagement’ with the local community did you achieve? How well attended was the ‘pop up police station’?
    Surely there is so much more data you can provide us with in order to justify this Caia Park Impact Day than simply the one arrest?
    How much did that one arrest cost?

    “One person was arrested for suspected drugs offences while officers also targeted anti-social behaviour and off road biking during an impact day in Caia Park. The initial operation ran from 2.30pm until 6.30pm on March 16th, with the secondary phase patrols continuing into the evening. Sgt Matt Subacchi said: “The objectives were to provide a high visibility display of police presence in Caia Park to engage with the community of Caia Park and disrupt offenders. “Based on information we use police powers to disrupt low-level drug dealing, and make an arrest after setting up a pop up police station in an area associated with drug dealing.”

    He will probably be let off with a warning.

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