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    So Iceland gets a major media coup after having its advert banned supporting the rainforests and saving the orangutan!

    Incidentally, anybody have any idea of the environmental impact of these two corporate aircraft based at Hawarden …

    M-FRZN Corporate Jet

    G-ICEI Corporate Helicopter



    Probably no worse than the two police air service helicopters based at Hawarden, and far less than the Belugas for Airbus.

    Given Airbus and Malcom Walker employ north of 10,000 people between them, and Sir Walkers efforts in raising funds for dementia research, I would give them a pass.

    What have you managed to achieve?



    I have achieved many things but hypocrisy isn’t one of them. Aren’t you just sick of these companies saying one thing and doing another. Manipulating public opinion to serve their self interest? Take Airbus trying to swing the Brexit vote with their veiled threats to jobs. Of course they want the gravy train to continue (getting $22bn in subsidy from EU countries, see link).

    EU paid billions in illegal subsidies to Airbus

    Perhaps, I’m just (Philip) Green with envy!


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