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    I agree with Janeywxm above, I have always voted Labour but I do not feel Ian Lucas has any of Wrexhams interests at heart, his only interest is himself, and yes Andrew Atkinson may be the same but until we see we don’t know.
    In my own naive way i suppose i hope that he is doing the “lots of publicity ” thing to help get votes and if he does get into an elected position his main focus will be to aim to revitalise the town centre, bring manufacturing back to the area and raise the profile of Wrexham.
    To be fair to the council I can see what they are doing in relation to shopping in the town with the free parking etc so I would hope that he would work much more closely with the council to achieve the shared aims.



    I am pleased you raised the name Andrew Atkinson, Janey. Would that be the same person who stood for election as an MP and as an AM and failed at both?

    Mr. Atkinson appears to be suffering from what is colloquially known as ‘butterfly syndrome’ where a person flits from one project or cause to another, without actually achieving anything – except publicity!
    Wrexham.com is very helpful in allowing him to achieve that, whether or not. Take Rhosddu Park as an example – what on earth did he need to be ‘involved’ in that for when it was already being handled by the relevant Councillors for the area?

    If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Do NOT be fooled by facades, look a little deeper before making any decisions.

    Andrew’s never claimed to have anything to do with Rhosddu park, I think you’re getting mixed up there! Andrew works hard for Wrexham and achieves a lot, I suspect it’s a bit of a politically motivated attack!



    Au contraire JW. I refer you to the article that appeared on this very site on 27 Sept 2016 entitled “Residents meeting planned to discuss drug, alcohol and antisocial behaviour issues in Rhosddu” where Atkinson is quoted extensively on the matter.

    As far as your suspicion that my comments were a ‘politically motivated attack’, let me put you straight. I would have the same opinion of anyone of whatever political persuasion who I considered that by having a finger in every pie possible, it somehow made people think, hail fellow well met. Believe me, I have come across quite few during my working life.

    I reiterate, in full, the comments I made and which you draw attention to, PARTICULARLY the final paragraph.



    He’s been asked to organise a meeting with the local councillors and is doing so. He has never professed to have anything to do with Rhosddu park as I said! He doesn’t get to choose what picture Wrexham.com use!
    And as I said I know from experience how much he does and how much he achieves, maybe you just don’t like him showing people up

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