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    Just because he does not agree with you over Corbyn does not make him the person you describe and it takes a lot of guts to declare ones lack of confidence in the leader of his party.

    Evidently, reading comprehension is not your strong point. I had a firmly formed opinion of the spineless twat *BEFORE* the Corbyn debacle having met the spinless twat several times *before* the Corbyn debacle and stated so quite clearly in my post. You may want to scroll up and re-read it.


    The Monitor

    I too have met Ian Lucas and I endorse Captain C’s comments. He is an intelligent and resourceful person. Write to him if you feel strongly on an issue, and unlike others, he does reply.

    But this thread has many writers and complainers whose targets, if not Ian Lucas, is the Labour Party generally. Time they really studied the Tory party and criticised their faults and often lies.

    Political Science… hmpph the biggest misnomer in history.

    *Shrugs* ….. and Go!


    Captain C

    GrumpyGit, If you think it’s clever to use language such as that you must be very sad. I would think twice if I was you on referring to Ian Lucas using such terms, don’t forget he is a lawyer and could chew you up and spit you out in a Law Court if he wanted to.
    Regardless of which party you support the representative is allowed his or her opinion and does not have to tow your party line just because you shout out very loud.


    Captain, neither Ian Lucas nor any other politician would sue for being called ‘A Spineless Twat’ or even worse.

    It’s opinion rather than libel and at the end of the day, they’d have to prove they weren’t.



    I think “career politician” is a good description of Ian Lucas and it really saddens me to agree with it. I used to think he did mean well for Wrexham but lately am of the opinion we need someone else! I have voted Labour all my life but it shows how bad Ian is when I am actually thinking of voting Andrew Atkinson simply because he is more proactive in the town and has a more pleasant personality.

    I have had contact with Ian on 2-3 occasions when I asked him to look into something for me. He came back with an answer completely unrelated to what I wanted him to ask!




    I am pleased you raised the name Andrew Atkinson, Janey. Would that be the same person who stood for election as an MP and as an AM and failed at both?

    Mr. Atkinson appears to be suffering from what is colloquially known as ‘butterfly syndrome’ where a person flits from one project or cause to another, without actually achieving anything – except publicity!
    Wrexham.com is very helpful in allowing him to achieve that, whether or not. Take Rhosddu Park as an example – what on earth did he need to be ‘involved’ in that for when it was already being handled by the relevant Councillors for the area?

    If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Do NOT be fooled by facades, look a little deeper before making any decisions.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    BenjaminM, couldn’t agree with you more! Andrew Atkinson does anything for publicity.

    Only last week he heard i was going to open a packet of crisps outside of the hospital and he was there with a photographer!

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    I would vote for both if I could. Both have done what they could in their own ways to enliven the town centre. We have whingers & moaners in plenty but fewer people who roll their sleeves up & do some work.



    I would vote for both if I could. Both have done what they could in their own ways to enliven the town centre. We have whingers & moaners in plenty but fewer people who roll their sleeves up & do some work.

    It all depends on on whether philanthropic acts are indeed for the greater good or an unadulterated attempt to increase personal kudos.

    I think the situation is becoming clearer day by day.



    I’ve voted Labour all of my life, lan Lucus needs to change his view he’s so negative on Wrexham and it’s not helping the town

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