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    I am extremely pleased that Jeremy Corbin has been reelected as Labour Party leader with an increased and overwhelming majority, by Labour Party members.

    So am I as that makes Labour totally unelectable! I wouldn’t trust Corbyn to run a whelk stall.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    That’s a bit shellfish.


    You’re just fishing for compliments.



    Ian Lucas is censoring and deleting comments made to his facebook that challenge him on his future. You’d imagine now Corbyn is back in that Lucas would feel compelled to resign, seeing as he has no confidence in the leader.

    Any posts to his facebook wall are being censored, only replies to comments on posts already made are getting through.

    The man is basically censoring free speech and not allowing his constituents a voice!!

    He has cost himself votes in the next election, and frankly good riddance!!!




    I note that when asked whether Ian Lucas would back Jeremy Corbyn following the recent Labour leadership vote (as detailed in your article), a typical politicians response was forthcoming – he didn’t answer the question other than by prevarication. To me, that answer is all telling, his stance has not changed one iota.
    We, as the electorate of Wrexham have a right to expect and he to deliver,loyalty to the political party on whose mandate he was elected.
    I also asked (via this forum) whether he has been or is a member/supporter of Progress – to date, this has not received an answer, but frankly, I am not holding my breath whilst I wait.

    As for the response from Susan Elan Jones, hardly worth the column inches devoted to it – nothing short of sour grapes drivel.

    How can either of them hold their heads up when the party which they purport to be members of and whose slogan is ‘Unity’ continue to be our representatives in Westminster?



    Interesting unchallenged spin from Susan Elan Jones celebrating Owen Smith receiving more votes than won Ed Miliband the leadership in 2010 with 193,229. Expressed as a percentage of valid votes thats 38.20% for Smith compared to Miliband’s then 50.65% with 175,519. The numbers fairly meaningless given the surge in Labour Party membership, comparing share of vote more apt. By any measure Smith failed miserably against Corbyn’s 61.8% with 313,209.

    Susan Elan Jones MP
    “Speaking about Mr Corbyn’s re-election, Ms Jones said: “Like 193,000+ other Labour members and supporters, including many from our area, I voted for Owen Smith in the Labour Leadership election. Owen actually lost with more votes than Ed Miliband won the Labour Leadership in 2010 – and my strong message to all of the 193,229 people who voted for Owen Smith is to stay inside the Labour Party.”

    So everything hunky dory then ?

    BBC Newsnight Political Editor Nick Watt reported “Many of the plotters are contrite and admit that their coup was a mistake of historic proportions, but when it comes to control of their party the battle is far from over.”

    One for Ferret from Diane Abbott today at conference ?

    “The people that complain about the freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they really want is to see less foreign looking people on their streets.”


    I’ve voted for the Labour Party on several occasions but have never been a member. How they organise their affairs is entirely up to them and if the rules allow a whole series of scenarios to develop….heyho.

    Looking at this from the outside it does look a bit of a train wreck. In the Thatcher era there was a Healey end of the party and a Benn end and the argument ran that it was only by adopting moderate policies that Labour would get elected. I’m not sure if this is true but I am sure that people need to understand that no political party will get elected whatsoever if it does not pitch a message that is capable of getting sufficient voters to vote in favour of it. The interesting group for me was always those left-wingers who were prepared to act pragmatically in the 1980s and adopt the Fabian theme of a nibble at a time rather than going for the whole hog.

    It will be interesting to see how this all pans out but it would seem unlikely that the Labour Party will survive the current stresses and strains upon it. In Wrexham, if there is a move to deselect Ian Lucas, it would suggest that survival is less likely than more likely


    Captain C

    Regardless of ones political leanings I think that if a member of a party feels strongly that the leader is not the right person to lead then he should be able to voice his opinion.

    If Ian Lucas feels that way about Corbyn then he should make that statement and not just be a yes man and he gains my respect for making a stance.

    If the Tories called an election right now they would walk in with an increased majority and this would be the end of Labour. This country needs a strong ruling party but we also need a strong opposition and I’m afraid that under Corbyn’s leadership we have not got that.



    He’s a spineless gnome. He won’t quit, quite the contrary, he’ll be hanging on until his fingers are raw and bleeding. He’s a career politician, it’s all about what’s best for him, not the voting population.

    While I would vote for Corbyn based on policies, I wouldn’t even think about voting for lucas, given his utter lack of a spine to even attempt to see anything through that isn’t a walk in the park. The man has the fortitude of a drunken slug with recently applied salt.

    Before anybody spouts off, I have met him, several times, and that formed my opinion of him, long before his utter ineptitude over the Corbyn issue.


    Captain C

    My God Grumpy Git you are well named.

    I also have met Mr Lucas and although I never state my politics I found him a very pleasant man who cares about Wrexham and the people who live here.
    Just because he does not agree with you over Corbyn does not make him the person you describe and it takes a lot of guts to declare ones lack of confidence in the leader of his party.

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