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    Now now children please don’t let the threads deteriorate to the gutter that all of the political fallout after the result has ended.

    This Labour squabble is going to potentially be the most damaging thing to have happened to the Party — the internal conflict is winder full for David and Boris who will just let the Labour Party be torn to shreds from within — they can sit on sidelines and lap it up.

    After such turmoil over the Referendum the last thing the country needs is internal political destabilising the whole country- Scotland wanting out- Wales not knowing which way to turn- Plaid saying they will consider coalition with Labour even though pre Election that was not on the cards.

    Party activists in all parties wont forget the back stabbers who say one thing to get elected and do something different!¬!

    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    Get behind your country and work towards improving the status quo.

    Forget the snakes, I am for improving the Status Quo! Starting with a good haircut the scruffy urchins!

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.



    Jeremy Corbyn was elected democratically; there appears to be a ground swell of opinion in some quarters to remove him but he was elected leader by Labour party members nationally in a free vote so should local MP’s give unqualified support to him as their leader?


    Captain C

    If you are working under a leader who in your opinion is not up to the job then you should voice your displeasure that is why we elect MPs and AMs. All Ian Lucas is expressing is unease in the leadership and that takes a lot of courage and self belief.
    This is not a political statement as this would in my opinion apply in all parties. The leader of any party when he or she loses the support of their MPs should resign if they cared about their country and not just themselves.


    It’s lucky that the Labour Party isn’t running a business. If they were, the business would be so focused on the views of the staff and the management that no one would pay attention to the market-place.

    In Politics, the consumer is king…..as Cameron has just found out. Labour played the naval gazing game throughout the 1979-1997 period and were then elected 3 times on the bounce. Enter Miliband, then Corbyn and we are back to square one.

    Whilst I understand that all those folks who decided late in the day to join the Labour Party have a right to vote in whoever they want, and whilst the rules (which were changed a mere 5 minutes ago) allow them to elect whoever they so choose, it will only be the nasty experience of what comes next that will provide a cause for reflection. This is all heading into very deep poop



    I wonder how many of those Labour MPs who have supported a Vote of No Confidence have actually asked their constituency members — the very people who voted them into their position then they don’t really have a membership mandate to go against Corbyn. This is bound to result in a split in the Labour ranks as there are now two sides that clearly are so far apart the rift is probably not capable of being healed..
    Ian Lucas said he had a mandate yet only 30 members attended his local meeting — what about the views of those 1000’s who did not take part.
    If Conservative called an Autumn election they are likley to walk back into Downing Street as the Labour Party tear themselves in two.



    When will the people of Wales wake from there dream and realise Labour is a spent force. true Labour died many many years ago—it is now a spent force for nothingness,, just a burned out squib full of falsehood and lies. I even say there is not one MP within Labour educated to a decent standard including its leader Corbyn,,{ reminds me of a chap named Lenin }. Jobs for the boys and screw the people that is now there mantra. Labour is dead and long may be so resting in the manure tip it deserves and has made itself. Maybe Lewis could be planted on top resembling some great fat over ripe strawberry.



    Any comments yet from Wrexham Constituency Labour Party and Mr Ian Lucas MP ?
    Everywhere seems pretty quiet. Daily Politics interview maybe ?
    Given both were reported by The Guardian and BBC to be amongst the first to express little confidence in Mr Corbyn what is their reaction to his successful re-election by an even larger majority ?
    Seems quite a defeat after all the effort. Mr Lucas considered himself to have a local mandate, but possibly no more than 30 or so supporters ? To be fair, even Owen Smith’s campaign meeting in Wrexham was hardly rammed.

    Will the plotters now support Mr Corbyn, will they shrug and slink away, or is another leadership challenge already brewing ?

    BBC2 Newsnight 27 June 2016
    Newsnight understands that a group of former Labour front benchers have been preparing the operation to unseat Jeremy Corbyn for months. They had expected to wait another year but decided to move after Corbyn’s lacklustre performance in the referendum campaign, a view highlighted by one of the departing front benchers.

    Ian Lucas MP
    “In his performance both during the months leading up to the European Referendum and also during the campaign itself his very lack of understanding of the fundamental issues linked to migration and the economy that were crucial, needed to be communicated and simply weren’t. I think we are now in a crisis situation for the country.
    We have to have an effective opposition and I knew that Jeremy simply couldn’t provide that.”

    Senior Labour figures say there is one simple reason above all else for the coup, they fear that a General Election could be held within months and that Corbyn’s failure to connect with traditional Labour supporters during the referendum could lead to an electoral wipe-out.




    Lets see if the Local Labour Party acrfoss the ountry who have supported Jeremy Corbyn now have the ‘bottle’ to deselect thier current MPs if they voted to get rid of Corbyn. It is bound to happen in some of the more militant areas – not sure you could call Labour in Wrexham militant when they can only get 30 peole to Ian Lucas meeting and less than 100 for Owen Smith..
    Bith Ian Lucas and Susasn Ellen Jines may have thri cards marked and have a very short time left as an MP!



    I am extremely pleased that Jeremy Corbin has been reelected as Labour Party leader with an increased and overwhelming majority, by Labour Party members. At least one can rely on him to fight for greater equality in society based on long held socialist principles.

    Contrast his stance with that of Owen Smith, a known member of the Progress faction (a nefarious sub group of Blairites whose main aim is to further their own political agenda and pander to the whims of big businesses, from whom the vast majority of its financial base is derived, (as an aside, check the position of Lord Sainsbury and others in relation to this matter).
    It is interesting to note that a substantial portion of the MP’s who defected were Blair era appointees, who, in many cases were parachuted in to safe Labour seats.

    I openly challenge Ian Lucas MP, to state publicly on this forum, whether he is or has been a member of the Progress faction within the Labour Party, and
    Whether it his intention to had his weight in support of Jeremy Corbin, the rightful duly elected leader of the Labour Party.

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