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    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    I have never voted Tory but I hate to say it, Labour have nothing about them and nobody trusts them to get us through Brexit. The Tories at least ‘seem’ to have a plan.

    My problem is with the local Tory candidate Andrew “photo opportunity” Atkinson. I don’t trust his false smile and he seems to be anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity for self promotion and nest feathering.

    Lucas is old and reliable (a bit like your Gran’s sofa) but a vote for him is a vote for soft headed Corbyn.

    There are other alternatives but are they a wasted vote?

    For the first time ever i am stuck. Heart or Head? Local or National?

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.



    Any Labour MP is infinitely better than a Tory MP.



    Just to have a more balanced view Ian Lucas is very adept at posting a photo showing him present at every event he attends, Andrew Atkinson has also had plenty of photo opportunities. I interpret this as both candidates being active in the community which reflects well on both of them. This is however a General Election and national politics will have bigger influence on how people vote .



    Yes, the Tories with wonderfully down to earth normal people like Desmond Swayne, who launched his campaign to get re-elected today with this photo.


    Not forgetting they have finally rolled out the old Bring Back Fox Hunting pledge. What a fantastic bunch.



    Photos have any politician or prospective does not make them active in a community. How many times have people seen politicians of all persuasions turn have a photo and disappear in puff of smoke never to be seen again until another election!!


    Look ladies, I know politics is a very interesting subject, but your all a bit late, the election was last Thursday!

    Anyway, Conservatives, Labour, Lib-Dem, Plaid, Tories, Left wing, Right wing, Center Half, they are all the same, so if there is another election soon vote for a complete change – vote Daave, you know it makes sense!



    I can see where Owain is coming from in the time Ian Lucas has been our MP I have seen Wrexham go steadily downhill, and as a Wrexham lad it I don’t like to see the town on a downward spiral but I have seen nothing that shows me Ian Lucas will do anything to improve the town. Also I cannot bring myself to vote for Corbyn due to his views on Trident and I do not believe he would be good for our national security. Lib Dems seem to have no direction and Plaid never quite convince me they are the party for me. Will Andrew Atkinson be better? I don’t know so for me the question is do I potentially waste my vote or give Andrew a try? Decisions decisions.



    I cannot bring myself to vote for Corbyn due to his views on Trident.

    Who do you want in charge to the keys to the nukes? Someone who has ruled out making a first strike nuclear attack, or a religious zealot who said they’d consider the nuclear option even if Britain was not under nuclear threat? Now I won’t be able to say I told you so if May in a state of needing sectioning decided to launch one as we’d all in fact be dead. We don’t need Britain’s poxy 120 or so operational nukes as we are more than covered by NATO membership & the powerful deterrent of the US’ 4,000+ nuclear stockpile.

    Rather than spending £200bn+ on renewing Trident on a fear of a mythical nuclear war that never materialised that only people who still think through rose tinted glasses that the UK is a major military power on its own, why not put that money to good use in the NHS directly saving lives and making a real difference. Think of the number of nurses and doctors the money could pay for, the number of A&E wards & maternity wards it could stop from closing.

    Because I can tell you now that the failure of the NHS will threaten far more lives over the next 50 years than any supposed nuclear holocaust. Yet those viewed as radical on these issues are the ones who want to focus money on things that save lives than things that have the potential to cause a major loss of life.



    Wars in the past have very often been fought based on gaining land and resources = a nuclear attach renders large swathes of a country barren and a population that would take years to rebuild.

    Power struggles that are based on what might/could/maybe happen with nuclear armament is fundamentally flawed as there is no winner = tit for tat pressing buttons with target rockets has the inevitable consequence for radiation fallout out large areas that were not even target.

    Fully agree with Matt invest in Health now to deal with todays issues



    Dave I think you have missed something we have just had the local elections the next election is a general election for an MP.

    I can say knowing both MP’s both Ian and Susan Elenn Jones they both do a considerable amount of work for their constituents.

    The election is clearly a politically charged one and irrespective of who is in charge we need to consider which party will be more suitable. The Labour Party is meant to be the party for the working person. It is important to consider this, the Conservatives will think nothing of reducing the rights of the worker, this has been seen through austerity, more and more employers are bullying staff, why because staff are frightened to stand up for their rights.

    As a Unionist and a Union Representative you might say I would make those comments however it is important to remember your rights as a worker have and are being eroded at least with a labour government we have a change of making those rights stronger. Such having your rights as a worker confirmed at the outset and not have to wait two years for full rights.

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