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    Is it just me or have we now got some very elusive candidates for this weeks election- at a variety of recent Hustings in Wrexham it does not appear that there has been any event held with ALL of the Wrexham candidates present– sending a regional candidate to represent a local candidate surely is not acceptable even though we all have a regional vote.
    Let’s hope that if a candidate is elected to represent Wrexham is one of the ones that has been present at these Hustings listening to the views of local people rather than an absentee.



    Well observed- and certainly looks the case that at no time have all of the Wrexham candidates been on the same platform at the same time.
    It is no wonder that there are so few people interested if the candidates themselves cant engage.
    Looking at the news in America how have they succeeded as a nation to motivate so many people to attend all their candidates large gatherings with our candidates pulling in very few people.
    I’m sure we don’t want the US razamataz but we need something to engage the public.



    Has anyone even seen or heard of a candidate doing the rounds to drum up support for votes—seems like they are a very rare species in Wrexham or even extinct. No doubt come the day they will be hovering for our votes to win a place at the money trough.


    The Monitor

    I have spoken with a number or the candidates over the past weeks, including doorstep. They Are involved and probably would wish for more time to actually knock on All doors. Sometimes it is physically impossible as I am sure you will agree. How many houses in the areas? How many days and evenings would you offer?

    Nuff said, You will have your opinions, I have mine .. by experience, and No, I am not a candidate and never will be.



    The point I was trying to make was why have all of the Wrexham candidates attended so few hustings were all on the same platform — for whatever reason they often sent a substitute from their own party. Surely they should be visible and able to take questions from their electorate.

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