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    Captain C

    I received a letter from HSBC today informing me that the branch in Caergwrle will close in December this year. They say it due to customers using telephone or internet banking and that footfall is slowing down. What a load of bull. If you visit the branch (mine is Regent Street but I use Caergwrle branch for paying cheques in) there is always a long line of people waiting and the car park is full.



    Maybe a topic for to discuss.


    Captain C

    The Caergwrle Branch closure will effect customers not just living in Flintshire but people living in Summerhill, Hope,Gwersyllt, Burton, Llay, Penyffordd and even Gresgford. In fact any one who does not want to drive and park in Wrexham or Mold.



    HSBC should be congratulated for helping customers move to phone banking, then online banking and now of course we can use a mobile phone app.
    One day we can all just use digital money so everything will be run by an artificial intelligence bot in downtown Hong Kong then we will all be properly Shanghai’d.

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