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    wxm;4384 wrote:
    if the county of Wrexham today went to see the bank manager, in the days when a bank manager was a bank manager and just had double entry book keeping; they would be told the books didn’t balance, and be told to balance them and come back on Monday, or the tap will be switched off . . .

    if the community has not seen change since a year ago, and will not see change for 3 years, what will we achieve by standing up in public and told that our questions are malicious. What happened to letters being published in the paper … saying name & address supplied . . .

    Local paper: this is where beppe grillo is again right. the Media is part of the problem is doesn’t scrutinise the workings of the council… it just gets quotes, never investigates anything. The mis-leader is a huge problem for the town as it doesn’t report anything factually.. just sensationalises everything.

    Questions themselves are not malicious. you need to re-read what i have written.

    I’ve tried to be patient, but please act and find out answers for yourself, rather than being lazy .. you’re wasting time.



    OK, I’ll write, but its working out where to start. There seems so many urgent things to do. Shops are closing at a rate we cannot seem to stop, things have happened in the past which have severely affected the future and we cannot let those things happen again. We need more people spending money in Wrexham.



    Having discretely asked some public figures questions about how Wrexham does spend its money, and how it should spend its money, it sounds very much as a contributor suggested … nothing will change for three years. But will it even change then. Asking detailed and searching questions in Wrexham just leads to a character challenge between people, and not the issue at hand.

    Long live a free press with … name and address supplied … welcome!

    So, how do you spend your money Wrexham? And how could you spend it better?


    Welsh Dresser

    At least you tried to find out which is more than I ever have.



    Asking discretely and writing FOI’s doesn’t get to the answers, or change things for the better. These forums suggest that alternative housing management was looked at in 2004, that schools have declined and in the last 10 years and parents are petrified and going elsewhere, and the town centre is closing down, dilapidating and being boarded up. That a year ago the new Leader of the Council said that people were dissatisfied, and needed change for the better.

    We should know how Wrexham can spend its money better, and in doing so address the question of schooling, bring more and better paid jobs, and grow the GVA or revenue of the County. The current way Wrexham works is not sustainable, and will mean that the next generation will have to to pay for it, and those on pensions will have a reduced quality of living because the facilities in the County are poorer or no longer.

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