Homeless people take part in a "raffle" to get a bed for the night

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    It is quite astonishing that in our ‘civilised’ society some of the most vulnerable are subject to being part of a human raffle to get a bed for the night. Ty Nos the night shelter in Wrexham only has 16 beds that are available from 8.00pm – 8.00am.
    People seeking shelter need to be there for 7.30pm where they wait in the “cage” if there are more than 16 their names are put in a hat and 16 names pulled out – successful you get a bed , unsuccessful you are out under the clouds for the night.
    It even does not matter how early you get there beds are not allocated on a first come basis.
    This practice of selections sounds more like something that has come straight out of a Dickens Victorian story book.



    They don’t make them cage fight for a bed do they?

    How else can they give out beds fairly? I don’t win the lottery because I was the first to buy a ticket, I have to enter the draw.

    You could always go and invite the losers to stay with you Derek if you worry about them so much.



    How many are native Wrexham homeless ?



    And, there are, across the county, hundreds of really good premises that spend, by far, most of the time empty but heated and comfortable where the homeless could be welcomed to bring their cardboard “beds” and bed down for the night but aren’t. What are these premises? churches and chapels of all flavours of course.



    Accommodation is only a sticky plaster on a bigger society issue how are more people becoming homeless- benefits, mental health, ex army and in the case of drugs what comes first drug habits or homelessness with drugs being used to ‘dull the pain of street life’.

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