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    Maureen Gray

    Home Bargains to close on Boxing Day to let staff “truly enjoy the break with their loved ones”
    The lazygoodfornothing buggers! Have they not given any thought to what I am going to do if I run out of batteries or fag papers! I for one will be boycotting Bargoes on Chrimbo Day & Boxer Day in future if they continue this selfish behavior! And as for them enjoying the break with their so-called loved ones, don’t you think the so called loved ones deserve a break too!


    Rex Ham

    I agree Maureen Gray. It has been custom and practice in the Ham household to hold off buying certain products in case the recipient doesn’t call. Up until now it has been convenient to nip out to Home Bargains to buy a 4 pack of Snowball drinks if there is a sighting of Auntie Honey Rose on Boxing Day (well you always have a Honey rose Ham at Christmas right?). If she doesn’t show, we’ve wasted nowt. If however they shut Home Bargains on Boxing Day, a decision will have to be made to buy on Christmas Eve or the poor old soul will have to put up with the dregs of a bottle of S K Williams sherry I bought in 1979.

    I warn you all now, this is a dangerous prescient, next, Next will decide to close on Boxing Day, and that way civil disobedience will break out as people wander the streets from 5am on St Stephen’s Day looking for a jumper they so desperately need.

    However, Wrexham will be safe because most of the zombie’s will drive to Broughton to avoid paying for parking in Wrexham.



    What truly benevolent shop owners – Maureen and Rex please hang your head in shame!

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