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    Ioan y Ffin

    How many staff work at HMP Berwyn?

    The article says: The £250m facility on the town’s industrial estate currently has 420 allocated spaces for vehicles with more than 900 staff. It comes despite officials originally estimating there would be closer to 600 people working at the prison when it was built.

    Then later on it says: It was originally estimated there would be 575 workers directly employed at the facility, but the actual figure currently stands at 651

    However the site is staffed 24/7 so how many people are actually working there at any one time?
    Can anyone shed any light on the 250 plus staff who aren’t directly employed? what do they do?

    It seems incredible that a prison could have a 3:1 customer: staff ratio. No wonder it costs more to send someone to prison than to Eton.



    These are the staffing figures for the prison only holding 1300 of the 2200 it will hold when full. There is plenty of vacant land around the site so building a large extra car park should be easy. Getting funding for the project will no doubt be more difficult.



    Is it normal to have 2 prison staff per prisoner? 651 workers for 1300 prisoners. It seems a bit excessive. The car park will need to be at least double the present size to accommodate the extra staff should the prison reach capacity allowing for the same percentage who might car share.

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