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    Ioan y Ffin

    Does Wrexham have more HMOs than other towns of its size? Who really benefits from these properties? The people who live in them? Or the landlords who have realized that renting a whole property makes less money than renting out the property room by room? Do HMOs pay a higher council tax because they surely use more council services than a non-HMO of a similar size? What does everyone else think because a planning application for another HMO is almost a fortnightly occurrence? Council officers wave them through, yet no-one appears to welcome an HMO as a neighbour.


    Maureen Gray

    I thought this kind of talk when out in the 70’s. There is a house near me with, I think, a couple of ‘HMOs’ living there and they are lovely young chaps,always singing and baking and I for one welcome them to our town.


    Wrexham ITK

    I would think that towns and cities with universities would have more of these, for students. Landlords can make much more overall income, although it also comes with more hassle, risk, maintenance, etc



    I wouldn’t want live next door to a HMO because the residents are usually temporary (mainly students) and some, not all, have a disregard for their immediate neighbourhood or can be generally disruptive borne from a large number of non-related people living together. The reason landlords create HMOS’s is purely financial. In a student HMO , no one pays council tax but the landlord makes a huge amount in rent. It’s such a shame to see these lovely buildings sectioned off into bedsits but Wrexham has a large student contingent who need housing I guess.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    It’s such a shame to see these lovely buildings sectioned off into bedsits

    Unless you actually step inside one, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see any buildings being sectioned off.



    When too many of HMO are added into residential areas it could possibly spoil the demographics of the area.

    Presumably someone has to care for the outside of the properties, clean windows, take in parcels etc. I only have personal knowledge of one which does look rather unkempt in comparison with other properties.



    HMO’s provide the only living space for people who occupy them . Most consist of a bedroom ( only private space for an individual) with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do they cook in the kitchens but also do their washing and drying. These are not students who have a main home elsewhere. In the 21st Century surely we should be providing a better minimum standard of accommodation for people.

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