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    Well after waiting and waiting and waiting literally years for the road to be resurfaced we finally had a few weeks disruption and a completely resurfaced stretch. Road markings completed and job done. Local Councillor announcing work to start and even apologising for the delays while work completed. Lo and behold spring forward couple weeks and what do we have, Road works and trenches dug straight across the very center of the resurfaced stretch of road. Unbelievable !!!! you couldn’t make it up.


    The Monitor

    Typical lack of foresight and cooperation/coordination between council departments. The work is carried out by a Contractor, but is ordered/contracted by the Council departments, probably Highways being one of those departments. Works to supply drainage, or connections to buildings other than council houses/buildings, ie. work private properties and constructions are subject to planning applications etc. The breakdown, or lack of communications which causes unnecessary disruption or destruction of new works such as road surfacing, needs to be investigated promptly and the system used brought up to date, or a new procedure put in place. Before Christmas, after the road had remained unsurfaced with iron works exposed for some time, I telephoned the council department pointing out the risks to vehicles and possible claims for damages from car owners. The council had the new surface in place within days of my contacting them. Now the present disruption is causing problems. This problem has occurred on other occasions and really needs prompt reviewing of the procedures in place.



    About 10 years ago when I worked for a contractor, we needed to replace a long length of sewer in a road somewhere in Wrexham because it had collapsed. The road had just been resurfaced a month or two before and the highways department (quite reasonably IMO) said we would need to resurface the full width of the road when the work was done, and this is what we did.
    I don’t know what’s changed since then.

    It’s the same with the terrible resurfacing done after roadworks – if we left the road lumpy, potholed or if manhole covers sunk we were faxed(!) a legal notice giving us between 2 hours and 28 days to sort it out. Councils now claim they have no powers to make contractors make good their shoddy work.



    The council make up all these weak excuses about being unable to enforce things against contractors but if they actually took the time to draw up half decent legal contracts when the work takes place – they’d actually have a leg to stand on when it comes to shoddy workmanship & eliminate the cowboys.

    The very fact that they allowed someone as large as Virgin Media to get away with piss poor workmanship & causes months of additional disruption shows just how weak the council is – it’s embarassing.



    I am not really sure what the Highways department or the council officials in charge of planning actually do all day but they sure as hell do not communicate with each other. Someone from planning must surely have known that Watkin Jones the developers of the current works at The Foundry Buildings would need to dig up the road. Plenty of opportunity to dig up while the road was left unsurfaced. No excuse for poor or lax management.
    Perhaps we could have a comment from Highways explaining this embarrassing situation ???



    “All the utility companies were informed re surfacing was going on it had been in the mix for two years ,no response was recieved before the re surfacing commenced ,as soon as it was done British Gas and the water told that they had new supplies to fit ,anger and complaints direct to the utility companies please these companies can and do what they like and all the screaming,shouting and the like won’t stop them as LEGALY they are allowed to do as they like with no consideration for the council or residents”

    Thank you for your comment Ponciau “Posted on wrong topic in error”

    To be honest that’s just passing the buck. So the council planning / Highways new nothing about road closure applied for by utility companies for the new services required at the new development at The Foundry Buildings. Planning would have known all about this development which was ongoing while the resurfacing was being carried out. Time the council grew a pair and insisted on complete reinstatement of the affected surface rather than a quick backfill and hope for the best.



    There is already a “nice” bump developing where Watkin Jones put in a new connection for their residential development of the Old Foundry office block. Wrexham council have the power to make a developer go back and make good the road surface where they have installed a sub standard repair. Wrexham rarely uses those powers. In fact Wrexham council rarely use any of the powers available to them under the 1991 Street Works Act and rarely register their own works.They could have put a S58 notice on the resurfaced road, they could raise charges and raise penalties on sub-standard work.


    Roadworks should be registered and can be searched here


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