Hibernation period of 'advenio salvus'

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    Would there be any wildlife experts out there who knows of the hibernation period for the lesser spotted arrive alive creature or as we know it from the Latin ‘advenio salvus’.
    After an extremely busy and successful summer & autumn when they eagerly gather their harvest, they obviously go to ground when the days become shorter and as the earth begins to cool in early October, but here we are mid-January and still no sign of them at their normal feeding areas of Holt Road, the A483 at Rossett and Marchwiel Church.
    Maybe their mating season follows hibernation, and after doing it all winter, maybe they have decided to ease off on screwing their prey – the motorist or traveler again derived from the Latin ‘proficiscor’ – going about its daily business.



    I think they are out of hibernation now, I saw them On Dodds Lane in Gwersyllt on Monday.

    They have new camouflage and are in a new ‘compact’ van, so harder to spot!

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