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    I keep seeing posts on Facebook about homeless people in Wrexham and a common response is “we need to help them” – giving them food, clothes, somewhere warm to take drugs (fix room), temporary shelter – the latest idea being to turn the old Groves school into a temporary homeless shelter.

    Now, I’ve spoken to some of these people in Wrexham and some of them aren’t local – they’ve “relocated” here because Wrexham still has decent (and even improving) “services” aimed at them, whereas their local area (e.g. Denbighshire, Chester, Flintshire) has been closing their services due to cuts.

    Whilst I think we need to help homeless, I think this should involve tackling the sources of homelessness like poverty, education, social housing and healthcare – not treating the symptoms. There is also a danger that the more of these quick fixes we provide, the more homeless people will be attracted to relocating to Wrexham and the problem grows.



    It’s a big UK-wide problem and none of the local authorities want them in their town or city so they get moved about. But yes, I think it’s a difficult one locally as Wrexham doesn’t have the resources to deal with the current levels of homelessness.



    The starting oint for a solution surley has to be to tackle the root causes as Nen says and save anymore people getting into the same postion and then to work with those already on the street. If the preventing stuff doesn’t work then the streets will be awash with problems. The ITV programme on Wrexham this week over exagertaed some of the issues by cliping together bits of film from different days — the real message was the clip from America and the epidemic they have with synthetic opiates that have not started to hit our streets yet. The ‘legal/illegal’ highes are bad enough but if there is a demand for the new stuff then the crisis will really hit our streets.

    Everyine has some resposnability to keep a wtchful eye on all of their family members as we need to rember all those on the streets now once had a familiy who may or may not have been awre that their relative was on the slippery path. The one thing that is clear with substance misue is that it spreads across all sections of society and knows no class boundary.

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