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    This is a “want “ not a “need”, everything that is a “need “ should be prioritised over all “wants”. Surprised this made the list of need over music education in the Councillors minds.

    This would actually be a very good way to budget at the moment (with a bit of leeway) – they write down everything needed and everything wanted. Cuts come straight out of the wants budget first – i.e. you end up crossing out all these vanity projects and then screwing up the piece of paper and putting it in the bin.

    Of course there’s always some delusional price justification for all these things – 1) Money for RAF commemoration = Patriotic 2) Money for Guild Hall Frontage = Reduction in anti-social behaviour (No clear idea of what anti-social behaviour) 3) Money for bright dazzly town centre street lights = attract more people to town centre (it’s night time all the shops are closed and pub goers don’t mind a bit of dark/dank).


    Hugh Bet

    If we allow the homeless to use the Guildhall Frontage to shelter from the sun and let them use the Council facilities then they won’t need the sun cream.

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