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    Now that Councillors will have a car parking permit , which presumable will be valid in all Council car parks 365 days a year, will the Council now open the Guildhall car park to the public for seven days a week ? This would potentially increase revenue, which might allow the toilets to open in Nant Mill on a Bank Holiday or the reinstatement of music lessons.



    So Councillors and Staff pay £100 a year and get to park where they want?

    So they can park for (almost) free and take up a space which could be earning £3 or £4?

    So isnt this just costing us a lot more money?

    So wrexview, losing money would mean less toilets open, so be prepared to do like a bear and poo in the woods. Cue the comedy music …. oh no, we cant afford the music!!!

    So there!



    This is nothing more than a PR exercise to make out that Councillors are paying out of their allowance — of course they are not as they are entitled to claim expenses and mileage as their home is regarded as their office base. They will pay out of their allowance one month and claim it back the next month along with their 45p per mile travel.



    By the end of the year drivers will be able to park for free in Welsh NHS hospital car parks. When I attend hospital I get 2 buses which get me to the Maelor ridiculously early and then catch 2 buses back home, again enduring a long inconvenient wait (not so much to the bus station, but from bus station to home).

    It warms the cockles of my heart to know that people who have bought a car FOR THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE – and this includes pensioners who have free bus passes – are now being given free parking. Apparently paying for a car for the convenience of being able to travel to/from destinations at a time to suit, is a convenience I am expected to subsidise even though I have no car. It will bring me such great comfort, as I sit on an NHS waiting list for treatment, to know that car drivers get to park for free.


    Council Watcher

    All that this BBC story is saying that South Wales is catching up with Wrexham- the Maelor has had free car parking for about 3 years and was one of the early adopters.


    And all paid for by English taxpayers. Cheers then.

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