Groves has cost Wrexham Council more than £1.1m

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    Maureen Gray

    I think for the Council as usual, its a case of dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. People said the site would have be ideal for the new police station, it would have been ideal for Coleg Cambria, it would have been ideal for an art centre. Yer maybe, but, Council / WAG get their funds from different pots and can only be used for certain things. Grants are available to build things – like the bus station for instance – but cost of running and upkeep has to be met by the Council. I don’t agree with it, but unfortunately its the way of local government, and people need to understand the way it works.
    However, and I know its not WAG, but if Boris gets his way to build a bridge to France while the NHS is crawling on its knees then god help us all! ]
    If it wasn’t for the magnificent & dedicated front line staff in the NHS and the local council for that matter, the county would be in an even worse state than it is now. Blame the system not the staff!



    For once Maureen Gray I agree with you. The grant system is a pain. It is probable that grants are allowed only for demolition & rebuild. The council more than likely have their hands tied. I don’t believe that WAG are at all interested in what the people of Wrexham want. Why would they? They forget that North Wales exists.

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