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    Interesting level of detail this morning about the proposed development on the Groves playing field. Just two omissions-
    1. No detail about the actual school building

    2. That there is an intention of splitting the covenant and apply for the portion that applies to the playing field area to be transferred to the Nine Acre for the new proposed school thus retaining the principle of the original covenant.

    There will be some interesting legal bartering to follow



    The way the present Board of Wrexham FC are running the club, it just maybe by the time the covenants are removed, there will be no club left. The goings on at the club as reported on Red Passion the fans website, leave a lot to be desired.



    If the Covenant is removed from the whole site , then potentially it becomes a very valuable development site. The buildings could retained and remodelled into luxury apartments with ample green space and parking. The rest would be valuable housing land. this would be one way to fill the empty coffers of the Council and avoid huge cuts in services.



    The campaign to save the school building really did help empty the coffers wrexview to a tune of around £1m so far. Bulldozing it and leaving it as a field would have been preferable to all of the stuff and nonsense that has gone on over many a year.



    The council get the covenant removed, Wrexham football club take it over for a minimum period, council take the land back then sell it to the highest bidder.

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