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    Wow what a stretching of the terms of the covenant on the Groves site to see football training of professionals as fitting with the original intention.
    Im glad to see a potential solution and if it proves to be legally acceptable then credit to those who have put this package together.
    Looks like win win
    Wonder if Save the Groves will try to contest the proposal


    Maureen Gray

    They are bound too, it wouldn’t be Wrexham if people didn’t winge! Im glad the Groves building was saved, but WFC is very important to the town, as is a new school. Both sites will serve a great purpose while still keeping enough green land around.👍👵



    I see they are proposing a new primary school for 9 acres?? Just where has this idea come from and don’t we have enough in this area? We have Acton, Rhosddu, Alexandra and also Barkers Lane which is supposed to be expanding?
    All come out of the blue?



    It is my understanding that there is a shortage of Primary School places in the centre of Wrexham town area in both the Welsh speaking (hence the proposals for a Welsh school in Borras) & English speaking educational tracks.

    The expansion of Barkers Lane school only deals with an increase of pupils of that age group in a small catchment area around Borras/Smithy area. So there is need for an additional full English Primary school nearer to the town centre.

    The main reason for the increase in pupils of Primary age is because of the baby boom that happened 2008 onwards and the years leading on after during austerity and recession.

    I’m unsure if the 9 acre is the best site for a new school though as I always thought of that as a recreational green space near to town aimed at the use of the whole community – which being built on would be lost with the remaining field space being reserved for pupils only.

    It would also put pressure on traffic into town during rush hour in the morning and then the notorious school run time.


    I’m unsure if the 9 acre is the best site for a new school though as I always thought of that as a recreational green space near to town aimed at the use of the whole community

    On that I am told the field is surrounded by a fence and is leased to the Football Club (the Boxing Club also lease the pavilion) so it isn’t a public space and hasn’t been available for community use for quite some time.

    ('er - email us on



    That is an interesting point I wasn’t aware of. Thanks Rob.


    If I remember back to the time when the 9 acre was subject of a huge anti-building campaign, the issue was about the building on a green space, not a public use amenity……in which case you were at least 50% right Matt. I suspect that there will now be a new round of protests.

    On the Grove Park site and the football club. I can’t see how the idea of Wrexham FC will get around the Covenant but if it does, it does. If, legally, there is a specific Covenant with criteria based restrictions, the fact that many people like the idea of the football club having it will likely make no difference. If, however, the Covenant does prove porous, then why not revert to the original intention. Is it possible that someone has made a discretionary concession on the Covenant matter?



    As the security is supposed to be costing £100k plus then someone may be takinga decsion that to break the covenant and be fined may be cheaper than paying the £100k+ in security costs- if this was a private building that would have happened by now



    I would be interested to know what the security consists of since it wasn’t very good at keeping the camping fraternity away.

    The school could be used to create a sporting centre of excellence for juniors alongside the football club.



    Zinger — C;lubs such as Brickfield who have all their own facilities are alredy running cenytres of excellence

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